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Heartline is located in the heart of Port au Prince, Haiti. We work to provide the men, women, and children in our community with a safe place to learn about Jesus and to adopt life-skills. Check out the "Our Ministries" menu at the top of the page to learn more about what we do at Heartline Ministries.





*Beth takes on the Boston Marathon 2014*


"Every runner tells bombs they can’t win. Every fan, every cheer, every person on the sidelines are telling terror it is not welcome here. Every foot strike pounding the roads from Hopkington to Boston shouts evil does not win. It can’t win in Boston and it can’t win here in Haiti. We stand against terror with Boston. We stand against poverty for Haiti. Stand with us!"  Beth McHoul (excerpt from the Daily Runner)


The Boston marathon is coming soon.  Please click here to read Beth's entire guest post in the the Daily Runner.  We are looking for supporters to pray and support this run, her last marathon.  All proceeds go to Heartline.


Please read this special edition newsletter about Beth's commitment to run the Boston marathon for Heartline this Spring. 


Want to create your own team and run "with" Beth? Want to see how the fundraising is going?  Want to donate? Click here to get details. You may also donate using the upper right button.


Here's just one person, Chad R. Allen, who has joined us with his own fundraiser to support Beth's run.  You can do one, too.  If you let Beth know you are doing a fundraiser for her run, we can add you to this website.

Want to Do Something Beautiful Together?




Run for Life video is here!


Click Here to see the video of Barry McDonald's Run for Life marathons from January 2013.  That's right - marathons.  Barry ran 12 marathons in 12 days to raise money for the maternity center at Heartline. The building of the new center has already started.  We still need funds to finish the entire plan but we do believe God will move the right people to donate what they can when they can.  Please pray that we can complete this center and open it soon so that we may serve the women in the area of our main Heartline property.




Haitian Creations Transformation


Are you wondering what happened to Haitian Creations? Back in December we announced that Haitian Creations was transforming itself into a new business venture that would allow for growth beyond the restrictions imposed by non-profit regulations.  We now have our new website up and are working towards our first catalog offerings.   Go to www.haitidesigncoop.com to see this exciting next step. 


Purse parties are still available!  For purse parties contact CortneyDonaldson.



Heartline News

Be watching for our newly designed website. We will be rolling out an updated website on April 15. Here is one of the home page photos you will see on the new site.



 To keep up with John on his blog, click here! and for his Tweets, click here!


At Heartline, we are blessed to have much of our administrative work done by volunteers! Because of that, 90% of what you give to Heartline is spent on the ground in Haiti. Thank you for your continued and faithful support!

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