Men's Programs

Discipleship and development classes for men, including business training and life skills.

Women's Programs

Women's education and training in literacy, sewing, cooking, craft work, business, and life skills.

Children's Programs

Local children are sponsored in school for meals and education, camps and VBS programs are offered during the year. Our Youth in Action program serves teenage girls.

Maternity Center

Many children become orphans when their mothers die during or shortly after child birth. Our program provides medical care and support before, during, and after birth.

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Guerda has a baby, a not-so-simple feat.

Suffice it to say, Guerda has lost many babies. We think seven, but we have also counted eight and nine at different tellings of the stories. We know once it was stillborn twins. We know many pregnancies made it well into the second trimester. It matters we get it right because every life matters. It sorta doesn't matter because we know enough to know it is very grave and difficult and incredibly sad.…

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Congress passes law promoting transparency in Haiti's reconstruction -

About 3 days ago from Heartline Ministries's Twitter via Buffer