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As the holiday season approaches, many of us are looking for ways to shop with a purpose. By purchasing handmade items from Haitian artisans, you can give family and friends truly unique gifts while providing employment and economic opportunity. As Haitiâ... read more

To say it’s been a challenging year for families in Haiti is an understatement. The daily difficulties of living in Haiti have been worsened by political unrest, gang violence, and frequent protests in the streets. For a mother trying to make ends meet,... read more

Chris was born August 20, 2019. He arrived at 9:02 am, weighing 7 pounds 10 ounces. He is the 1,000th baby born at the Heartline Maternity Center! His mama, Wilneus, worked very hard to meet her baby boy and is soaking up these sweet moments.  S... read more

Written by: Tara Livesay, CPM and Director – Heartline Maternity Center  In every culture, the loss of a pregnancy or newborn child or the inability to have a desired pregnancy can be indescribably painful. If you’ve followed stories in Haiti... read more

By Troy Livesay – Director, Heartline Ministries Happy Father’s Day from Haiti! We wish you and your families the best on this day set aside to honor the dads in our lives. Heartline’s mission is to support and help Haitian families thri... read more

Courage. Love. Sacrifice. From the daily selfless acts of motherhood to stories of women facing incredible challenges, we don’t have to look far to witness these universal characteristics of a mother’s heart. Time and time again, mothers around the wo... read more

You invest in HEALTHY, THRIVING Haitian families. Your generosity supports compassionate relationships and impactful programs, equipping and empowering Haitian families to thrive TOGETHER. You deliver JOY. You pursue HOPE. You show LOVE and COMPASSION.... read more

by Tara Livesay – Certified Professional Midwife, Director – Heartline Maternity Center Let’s look back on 2018 at the Heartline Maternity Center. The tendency in doing any work is to look at the outcomes from a purely statistical approach. ... read more