Thank you for lifting up the praises and prayer requests listed below by program. God is doing a mighty work in Haiti through these programs that holistically work to strengthen Haitian families and prevent children from becoming orphans. We are deeply gr... read more

Merry Christmas! We are so thankful for Heartline’s wonderful sponsors who give the gift of education to these precious children. The best word to describe this year’s student Christmas party is LOVE. The love of Christmas was present in each mome... read more

Tuesdays and Thursdays are our favorite days of the week when we celebrate success. Fat, breast fed babies on their mothers’ hips file in and triumphantly line up at the scale. We love the chub and glow in the victory of successful breast-feeding moms. ... read more

The first months of the program are mainly spent in an intensive Bible study while the bakery work gives the guys practical hands-on experience in practicing Christian work ethics and integrity within the workplace.   A regular day begins at the Hear... read more

Suffice it to say, Guerda has lost many babies. We think seven, but we have also counted eight and nine at different tellings of the stories. We know once it was stillborn twins. We know many pregnancies made it well into the second trimester. It matters ... read more

Chikungunya is an utter jerk. CHIKV (or La Fev – the fever in Haiti) or Chikungunya virus has descended on Haiti with full force. This spring the virus has been the news of the day everywhere in Haiti...

Someone from a nearby orphanage came by our bakery last week giving us a paper asking if we could please give them some free bread for their Christmas meal with the kids. That sounded like a worthwihle cause, so on Christmas Eve I purchased six platters o... read more

Three of the guys in the bakery/discipleship program made decisions to follow Christ with their lives (Richemond, Wilson, and Manno). As a result, they wanted to get baptized. Moise and I started looking around to find a place where we could do a baptism.... read more

In January 2013, Barry McDonald ran across the nation of Haiti. A distance of 315 miles covered in 12 days of running. The event is called Run for Life – Haiti. Imagine running twelve marathons in a row. Imagine running in the third world. Running f... read more

Driving moms and their babies home is usually Tara’s job.  She loves it.  Since she is away for a couple of months, I’ve taken over a few of her jobs.  Paperwork, yes, it is a mess.  Try as I might, I’m not good at documents, files, due date... read more