Code of Conduct Form

We at Heartline Foundation/Heartline Ministries view mission experiences as a discipleship opportunity for all travelers who choose to participate. We believe mission experiences are an opportunity for people to grow in their faith and to learn about the character of God from a fresh perspective. It is our hope that all trip members (regardless of personal beliefs) will grow in their understanding of what a personal relationship with Jesus Christ looks like. This is highlighted by opportunities to pray, sing, speak, listen, comfort, and serve God and the people we will encounter both on our team and in the mission fields we go to visit and serve in Haiti.

We believe our mission experiences are special opportunities for all who attend, and there is an expectation that trip members will conduct themselves during the planning phase, mission phase, and return phase with integrity and conduct that will portray; honesty, love, respect and cooperation to the staff and members of Heartline Foundation, Heartline Ministries, the members of the mission team, and the people we will serve on the mission field. We consider the mission team members ambassadors for Christ and want them to act accordingly.

The character traits and behaviors we expect to see are:

  • Being open and honest with the team leader(s) and any necessary staff or leadership team member about any personal, emotional, medical, criminal, or financial struggle that may jeopardize your ability to serve on a mission trip, or may place yourself or other trip members in danger.
  • Having a flexible attitude and willingness to work as a team member, placing your personal needs aside to function as a servant and team player with the mission team and the people you will be serving in Haiti.
  • Treating others with love and respect. Having a willingness to work through conflict, disputes and problem solve with a kind and loving attitude and an openness to asking for/and giving forgiveness when resolving conflict.
  • Being willing to ask for help when needed and to offer help to others when they are in need.
  • Attending and participating on mission trip planning meetings and activities.
  • Refraining from providing anyone in Haiti with your address, contact information, the Heartline Guest House address, or other personal information related to yourself or any team member.
  • As a member of the mission trip team, I agree, while on the mission field, to abstain from the abuse of alcohol and/or the use of illegal drugs while in Haiti.
  • As a member of the mission trip team, I also agree, while on the mission field, to abstain from engaging in any inappropriate sexual behavior with other travelers or those I meet in Haiti.

Heartline Foundation reserves the right to “remedy” any direct violations of the code of conduct in any way deemed appropriate.

I have read and understand the Heartline Foundation Mission Experience Code of Conduct and I agree to conduct myself in a like manner. I understand that by not following this code of conduct I may be denied the opportunity to serve and travel with the team and may be asked to return home early and at the discretion of the Trip Leader(s).

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