Heartline is pleased to announce the “Haiti Housing Fund,” a partnership with Maxima, a Christian woodworking company based in Haiti that employs Haitians and builds the local economy by producing everything in country. Heartline has previous experience with Maxima, most extensively after the 2010 earthquake when Maxima manufactured and delivered over 10,000 house kits to survivors.

Maxima produces housing kits that build quality homes certified to be anti-seismic and resistant to hurricane winds up to 108mph. This level of structural integrity will help survivors to build back better and prevent them from becoming victims should another natural disaster occur. The standard house kit costs $2,750, with an estimated total cost per house of $3,500 with labor.

As Heartline continues to work in partnership with trusted indigenous leaders based in the worst affected rural communities, this collaboration with Maxima will streamline housing assistance for hundreds of displaced families living in temporary housing.

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