John And Beth

Heartline founders, John and Beth McHoul, moved to Haiti fulltime in 1989. During their years in Haiti they have learned the importance of patience, perseverance, and the slow and steady work of building relationships. Initially, John and Beth operated a children’s home (also known as a “creche”) called Maranatha Children’s Ministries. That home existed to help place children that had been relinquished by their first families into families and homes in North America through adoption. Over the years, however, it became apparent that children were being relinquished by their birth families due to poverty and maternal death. Over and over John and Beth heard fathers and aunts saying, “This child’s Mother died.” or “I have no money to care for this child.”

From these conversations, and after a period of prayer and reflection, the dream of Heartline’s programs for adults – the Women’s Education Center and the Maternity Center – took shape.

In 2007, Heartline opened a small sewing school with the hope that mothers would learn a trade and then begin to make money to provide for themselves and their families. It started with a few treadle sewing machines donated and shipped in from the States by friends. At first, there were just several ladies in a single sewing class with one teacher. This class has grown to a full Women’s Education Center with six educational options for the dozens of ladies enrolled in classes each year. The women in this nine month educational program can choose to study sewing, advanced sewing, cooking, literacy, cake decorating or crafts.The Women’s Education Center serves to teach women in Haiti valuable skills in order to support their families. It is our ultimate desire to see women discover their God-given talents and abilities and know they are treasured.

As Heartline worked to help with the adoptions of orphans, we realized that a great unfilled need was maternal healthcare. Many babies and children become orphans due to inadequate or absent medical care for pregnant mothers. In many cases simple procedures and proper care could have prevented these deaths and thereby the orphans. There are many orphanages in Haiti. There are very few maternity clinics. From 2007 to 2009 our Maternity Center was built. This slow growth brought to reality the current program. The Maternity Center is now home to a very busy birth-room and a classroom where both prenatal and post-birth child development classes are taught weekly. We have 2 full-time Haitian RNs and 3 full-time midwives on staff. We are thrilled to say, our program has been duplicated in other resource poor countries. We are grateful for the slow but steady growth we have experienced since 2007.

On January 12, 2010 everything changed as a devastating earthquake destroyed most of Port-Au-Prince. Millions were killed, injured, or made homeless. We responded immediately by transforming the Maternity Center into an emergency clinic where we performed life-saving surgeries and helped hundreds of people recover. We were one of the few places in the city that could function so quickly after the earthquake due to the experienced group of missionaries and medical professionals and their diligent work.

In 2013, Heartline added a Men’s Discipleship Program and opened the Beltis Bakery. The Men’s Discipleship Program provides structured space for participants to grow in their walk with the Lord and become leaders in their families, churches, and communities in Haiti. The Beltis Bakery provides paid employment for men and works hand in hand with the Discipleship Program, providing participants an opportunity to learn job skills while practicing integrity in the workplace.

In order to support the children of Haiti, Heartline partners with local schools and sponsors around the world to provide children the opportunity to receive a quality education and nutritious meals. Additionally, each year Heartline puts on a Teen Summer Camp where dozens of girls learn new skills, make new friends, and hear about a wildly loving God.

We currently have missionary families and singles working full-time in Haiti with Heartline.

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