June 28, 2018

Director of U.S. Operations

We are thrilled to welcome Staci Coomer to the Heartline Family! As Director of U.S. Operations, Staci will lead our U.S.-based fundraising and communications team.

With eighteen years of professional fundraising and management experience, Staci has extensive knowledge and expertise in all areas of nonprofit development. She is a transformational leader known for her ability to realize the potential of an organization, and create greater capacity to serve those in need.

Staci was previously the VP for External Affairs at Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Business Administration and Leadership at Walden University.

Like Heartline, Staci is passionate about serving families. Her work in healthcare and immigration have focused on ensuring that basic needs are met for all families – locally, regionally, and nationally. She is looking forward to expanding that focus to international work in Haiti.

We are grateful for God’s continued provision for Heartline and look forward to working with Staci.

February 17, 2018

Press Contact: Troy Livesay
Heartline Ministries Executive Director

Port au Prince, Haiti (February 17, 2018) – Heartline Ministries was recently made aware of an incident of sexual misconduct on the part of one employee and an allegation of sexual misconduct on the part of another employee.

We take any allegation of sexual misconduct extremely seriously and so immediately responded.

At this time, one employee has been terminated. Officials in Haiti have been notified and the necessary police reports have been filed.

We made the decision to hire an independent, outside investigator to fully investigate the allegations. The other employee has been placed on paid leave, pending the completion of the independent investigation. Neither of these employees worked at our Maternity Center or in its vicinity. None of the allegations involve an employee or a client of the Maternity Center.

As an organization, we are vigilantly committed to protecting all of those who work for us as well as those whom we serve. We will not tolerate harassment, abuse, or misconduct from our employees or our partners. We affirm the bravery and strength of those who came forward, we are committed to them.

Even though we are moving as quickly as possible towards a resolution, we will not rush the investigation in any way as it is absolutely necessary that this process be thorough and complete. Our entire team has been instructed to fully cooperate with this critically important investigation. We remain deeply committed to the safety and security of our employees as well as the people of Haiti whom we serve everyday.

There will be no further public comment from Heartline or any of our employees, board members, or partners on this matter until the investigation is complete.