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Men’s Discipleship Sponsorship

Sponsorships are $58 per month. We also offer a Partner Sponsorship option, where your gift of $29 per month is paired with another sponsor’s gift to provide a full sponsorship.

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Heartline’s discipleship program for men intends to provide structured space for participants to grow in their walk with the Lord and become Christ-like leaders in their families, communities, and churches. Read more about the Men’s Discipleship Program.

Men’s Discipleship Sponsorship is more than a monthly financial gift. Sponsors choose to intentionally walk alongside the men of Haiti as they grow in their walk with the Lord. As the men in the Discipleship Program devote themselves to deepening their faith and learning new skills, sponsors lift them up through prayer and messages of encouragement. Read more about what it means to Become a Sponsor.

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Full Sponsorship $58/mo, Partner Sponsorship $29/mo