Haiti Staff and Missionaries



John and Beth McHoul came to Haiti in 1989 and started Heartline Ministries. Beth is a certified midwife devoting full time to the Maternity Center.



Vanessa has worked as the office secretary for four years after completing courses in the Women’s Education Center and providing some leadership there. She has two brothers and one sister, and is a very dedicated church member. She is working hard to learn English currently, and brings a lot of laughter to the mission environment.


Operations Coordinator

Pierre, or ‘P’, as most refer to him, has been with Heartline for four years. He brings a lot of joy and energy to each task and project he works on. His willing spirit is an encouragement and example for everyone at Heartline.

Sylveste Auguste

Office Manager

Sylveste joined Heartline in 2015, working as an accountant in the office. He was raised in Port au Prince, and lives with his mother and siblings. He studied finance at Quisqueya University. He enjoys teaching accounting and English, and also works as a translator. He plans to develop his entrepreneurial skills and has a dream of running his own business.


Midwife, CPM, LM

Beth is a full time certified midwife serving Heartline in the maternity center.


Director of Women's Education Center

Marjorie was born in Port-au-Prince and was married in November 2013. She studied accounting in school. Marjorie began working for Heartline in 2008. Her passion is seeing the women of Haiti being empowered with knowledge and the skills that can lift them out of poverty.


Facilities Manager

Junior has worked with Heartline since 2000 in many roles. He is a valuable member of the team and enjoys the challenges and opportunities of ministry in Haiti. He calls himself ‘Mr. Flex’ - referring to his flexibility and willing to do anything to help. Junior is married to Marjorie, the director of Heartline’s Women’s Education Center.



The Livesays have been working fulltime in Haiti for ten years, the last seven have been with Heartline Ministries. Tara is a Certified Professional Midwife, serving as Co-Director at the Maternity Center. Troy Co-Directs Heartline's programs in Haiti and is preparing to step into John McHoul's role in the future. The Livesays have seven children; two are grown and in Texas, five are still at home.


Men’s Discipleship Program, Teacher

Moise has worked with Heartline for three years. He is the main instructor and manager of the men’s discipleship classes. He joined Heartline after having previous relationships with other staff members through his church service at Port au Prince Fellowship. He loves bible study and teaching. Moise is married has two brothers and three sisters.

Heartline Ministries employs 65 Haitian men and women. Most of these staff members have opted not to be listed for security and safety reasons.

Heartline US Staff


Media Coordinator

Dave and his wife, Christy, live near Phoenix, Arizona with their three boys. His first trip to Haiti was in 2007, and he’s been returning ever since. Dave enjoys sharing Haiti through photo, video and social media. He’s always on the search for that next amazing story unfolding at Heartline.


Development Coordinator: Sponsorships

Ashley is a Colorado native who lives in Denver with her husband, Zach, and their two dogs. She first traveled to Haiti with Heartline in 2013 and is thrilled to now be a part of Heartline.


Web Services Manager

Ryan and his wife first served with Heartline Ministries as the Guesthouse managers. He continues to serve Heartline stateside with his technical talents.


Development Coordinator / Grant Writer

Elizabeth is honored to support Heartline's work using 15 years experience working with nonprofit ministries and completion of a Masters in International Development to facilitate mutually transformational experiences for partners and program participants. Elizabeth lives in Princeton, NJ with her husband and two boys.