Sponsorship makes a difference in the lives of children by empowering them through education. These young people are the future of Haiti. A quality education will equip them to reach their God-given potential and become leaders in their families, communities, and country.

Will you join us?

Corial Student

Heartline Ministries partners with neighborhood schools just outside of Cite Soleil and in the community of Corail to provide children from these areas with the opportunity to learn.

The cost of education in Haiti is high. With a majority of the population making less than $2 per day, too often parents are forced to choose between providing basic necessities for their family and sending their children to school. The sponsorship program empowers children in Haiti through education and allows individuals to personally invest in the life of a child.

Sponsorships are $47 per month and provide students with a quality education, uniform, school supplies, and nutritious meals. Through these partnerships, Heartline also has the opportunity to share the gospel with students and their families at many events throughout the year.

and give a child in Haiti the opportunity to attend school and receive a daily meal!


As a sponsor you will:

– Receive quarterly updates about your student that will allow you to get to know him/her
– Be able to send notes of encouragement, letters, and photos to your student at any time of year
– Be invited to visit Heartline Haiti where you will be able to connect with your sponsored student


All Corail students are currently sponsored.

Corial Student Sponsorship

Following Haiti’s devastating earthquake in 2010, tens of thousands of individuals and families were permanently displaced due to the damage to their homes. The area of Corail became one of the largest post-earthquake communities outside of Port-au-Prince where many Haitians still reside today. The area has little infrastructure or resources for the people who now call Corail home. Heartline has formed a partnership with a school in Corail to help provide children from this area with a quality education.

Cité Soleil

All Cité Soleil students are currently sponsored.

Corial Student Sponsorship

Heartline Ministries’ founder, John McHoul, has often said that he was moved to begin the Student Sponsorship Program on a visit to Cite Soleil, a neighborhood with significant poverty, crime, and violence. During his visit, John noticed that many of the children in the neighborhood were not in school during the day. But as he looked at the children, he realized they were in school. While they were not in an academic school building, these children were still learning. They were soaking in all that was around them in the way that only children do. Instead of learning literacy, math, poetry, science, and art – their time in the streets of Cite Soleil was teaching them different lessons. John was moved to ensure that these students had the opportunity to attend a school that would prepare them for a different future.