This page is to record the latest updates to the website.

  • Added the Haitian staff to the website.
  • I took it a priority to get updated to the latest security patches and plugin code for the website.  There was this major issue that affected SSL 3.0 connections.  We are now patched and good to go 🙂
  • Fixed twitter bird
  • Started work on the “store”
  • Missed a bunch of other updates.
  • Finer grained emails to people only concerned about sponsorships (which is separate from general donations)
  • Sponsorships have ability to add mailing address different from the credit card (billing) address.
  • Men’s bakery page has been reformatted to accurately reflect the program (requested by Nick).


  • Added social media links for John & Dawn.
  • Added the ability to give monthly through the general donations page (requested by Troy).  Can view here:
  • Added the ability to add the “Coming Soon…” to certain sponsorships (requested by Ashley).  She will be reviewing and giving feedback.


  • Men‘s one-time donations *new* –
    • I would like a better picture for this – if someone has one, that would be great!  I have a lot of bakery pictures but nothing “discipleship” focused.
    • This now has links that go back and forth between the monthly sponsorship and one-time donation amount.  I also updated the text on these pages.  Please review and let me know if you would like something different
  • Men‘s Program page
    • Added map for the bakery and location instructions
    • Separated out the bakery from the discipleship.  The top is the bakery and bottom the discipleship.  I added the discipleship at the bottom as it will be displayed on the other sponsorship pages and be more visible in those areas to users.
    • I am still in the midst of tweaking the layout.