The Women’s Education Center serves to teach women in Haiti valuable life skills in order to support their families out of the cycle of poverty. This dream is coming into reality every day as women learn to read and write, sew, make jewelry, cook, and run their own businesses. It is our ultimate desire to see women discover their God-given talents and abilities and to know they are treasured themselves!

A Look at the Heartline Women’s Education Center

Heartline placed many Haitian children into loving families in the United States through adoption beginning in 1989. Adoption is a wonderful option for many children and families. Through the years, however, one reason children were being relinquished by their birth families never sat well with us. Many mothers and relatives placed children for adoption after stating that they did not have the financial resources to provide for the child. Upon asking, “If you were able to earn an income, would you keep your child?” the answer we received was almost always “Yes.”

After a time of prayer and reflection, we began a small sewing school in 2007 with the hope that mothers would learn a trade and then begin to make money to provide for themselves and their families. It started with treadle sewing machines donated and shipped in from the States by friends. At first, there were just several ladies in a single sewing class with one teacher.

Over time, the educational opportunities expanded into a full Women’s Education Center that now offers courses in literacy, sewing, cooking, artisan skills, cosmetology, and computer/office skills. Over 200 women are currently enrolled in programs at the WEC.

It is amazing to see these ladies enter the program, grow in confidence, and watch them begin to feel a true sense of community and family as the year progresses. It is encouraging to see the commitment of the teachers as they speak into the lives of the ladies. The Women’s Education Center is run and taught by skilled Haitian professionals.

The Heartline Women’s Education Center is empowering women with literacy and job skills that enable them to start businesses, earn an income, pursue their dreams, and provide for their families.

Women's Education Center Photos

Women In Sewing Program Working In Haiti

Sponsorships allow these women to receive education and training that open the door for new opportunities, while experiencing community, Bible study, and fellowship that renew hope.

Make a real difference in the lives of Haitian women! Your donations to the Heartline Women's Education Center provide scholarship funds for women living in extreme material poverty and program support for literacy education and vocational training courses.


Heartline's extensive experience has shows a correlation between positive educational outcomes and students demonstrating commitment through personal investment. Students enrolled at the Women's Education Center pay a modest tuition to defray operational costs. This tuition requirement helps students take ownership in their education, which results in improved attendance and higher levels of achievement. Because not all students can afford to pay tuition, need-based scholarships are available.


Thanks to the generosity of donors, the Women's Education Center offers high quality education at a lower cost to students compared to other top vocational schools in Port au Prince. Your support equips women with the skills to rise out of poverty and build a more hopeful future for their families.


Many sewing school graduates have earned enough money to buy their own sewing machines and start their own businesses. Other graduates of the program have become sewing instructors, passing the skills they have learned onto other women in Haiti. We have even had participants design and create high-end wedding dresses.

The cooking school enables women to tap into different gifts and prepares them for employment in restaurants and resorts. Graduates can skillfully prepare a variety of French, American, and traditional Haitian cuisine.

Literacy allows the women to be able to read and understand prices at the store, contracts for their children to go to school, medicinal doses, messages from family and friends, and much more. Literacy Class participants have shared with us that the skills they learn also impact the lives of their children. One participant remarked how proud she was to be able to help her son with his homework and read the Bible to her daughter.

In addition to these life skills, many graduates speak of how the Women's Education Center has empowered them with confidence to take on the next step in their journey . "I don't know exactly what the future has for me, but I am ready to face it!" said one participant. "Without the program, I would not have had the confidence I needed to look for employment."