Empowering Haitians with literacy education and income generating skills to catalyze economic development and break the chronic cycle of poverty.

Heartline Education Center

Low education level combined with a dismal economic landscape leave many Haitians trapped in the chronic cycle of material poverty. Haitian men and women lack access to basic necessities like nutritious food, adequate health care, and the means to pay for their children to attend school because of scarce financial resources and economic opportunities.

The Heartline Education Center empowers Haitians who live at or below the poverty line with literacy education and essential income generating skills with the purpose of facilitating economic development, and with the associated goal of preventing children from becoming orphans due to the pressures of extreme poverty. Graduates primarily employ these skills to start small enterprises to meet the financial needs of their families.

What started as a small sewing school has grown tremendously, expected to graduate approximately 250 students this year. Staffed entirely by Haitians, the Education Center is proud that many teachers started at the Education Center as students themselves.


In addition to literacy education…

Students have the opportunity to study sewing, cooking, cake decorating, computer skills, cosmetology, and much more!

Education Center graduates have increased income potential and ability to provide for their families, self-confidence, and hope for the future.


Education Center Recent News:

The Heartline Education Center is officially open for the 2017-2018 school year. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the school! Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude as we celebrate this incredible milestone and welcome a new class of dedicated students. On Monday, students and staff gathered together to kick off a new school year with a time of worship and prayer. It is powerful to sedoe the Education Center community collectively praising God, seeking His wisdom and strength, and joyfully anticipating all He will do in the coming months. We are excited to share that the Women’s Education Center has a new name – the Heartline Education Center. This small change will have a big impact! We are thrilled that the school has opened its doors to include both male and female students. More than a dozen men have already enrolled in courses and we look forward to seeing even more Haitian families empowered through education and skills training!

On July 2, 2017 more than 200 Haitian women graduated from the Heartline Women’s Education Center. We are overjoyed to congratulate each of these women and share a few favorite moments from this year’s ceremony. As graduates joined their voices to sing these words, a lit candle was carefully passed down the aisle and onto the stage. The flame signified the light of knowledge and education. A beloved professor urged the women to not only keep this flame alive and burning within themselves, but to also pass it on – to spread light to their families, communities, and country. We know without a shadow of a doubt that these women will continue to share light and love wherever they may go.

Lexis lives with her mother, father, and siblings in a rented home near the Port au Prince airport. With limited access to economic opportunities, it is difficult for the family to earn enough income to provide for their basic needs. Motivated by her desire to help provide a better life for her family, Lexis began teaching herself how to sew with the hope of earning an income. Over time, Lexis realized that in order to advance her skills and develop a sewing business, she needed to pursue formal education where she could learn from seasoned mentors. Initially, this dream seemed impossible. Attending sewing school in Haiti would require tuition, and that was something her family simply could not afford. A friend recommended that she learn more about the educational opportunities offered at the Heartline Women’s Education Center.