Sharing Love this Christmas

Merry Christmas! We are so thankful for Heartline’s wonderful sponsors who give the gift of education to these precious children.

The best word to describe this year’s student Christmas party is LOVE. The love of Christmas was present in each moment, preparation, song, smile, and gift.

The 2nd annual Corail Christmas party was held on December 10, but preparations for this special event began several weeks earlier. Throughout the weeks leading up to the celebration, students worked diligently with Vanessa (Haiti Sponsorship Coordinator) and their teachers to rehearse their Christmas program. Meanwhile, the Stevens family selected and packed gifts for each child. Members of the Heartline Family, including the men in Heartline’s Discipleship Program, helped pump up soccer balls, organize gift bags, and pack meal kits. The Heartline Maternity Center staff prepared food for all of the guests to enjoy. Love could be felt in all of these preparations; many hands and hearts coming together to serve others.

When the day of the party finally arrived, students and their families offered hugs and smiles to everyone from Heartline and greeted one another warmly. Everyone pitched in to help organize supplies, gifts, food, and decorations. The celebration began with Christmas crafts for students, music, and time for parents to connect. Each of these personal interactions spread love throughout the room, making everyone feel welcome and appreciated.

Once all of the guests had arrived, it was time for the Christmas recital! Students donned costumes and reenacted the story of Jesus’ birth. The children also performed songs, dances, and speeches that they had worked hard to prepare. As the program came to a close, the gospel was presented. This was a special time to reflect on the greatest gift of all – that God loved us so much, he sent his only son to save us.

After the Christmas program, a delicious meal of chicken, rice, and vegetables was served. Then, each student was called up to receive a Christmas present! Expressions of joy spread across the faces of children and parents as they opened bags to discover gifts like soccer balls, toy trucks, and dolls. Each family was also given a food package so they could prepare and enjoy meals together over the holidays. The children and parents expressed their heartfelt appreciation for the Stevens family, Heartline, and their wonderful sponsors!

From beginning to end, love was given, shared, and received at this special event. We would like to thank the the Stevens family who generously gave their time, resources, and hearts to make this event possible. It is such a blessing for the children and their families to create these precious Christmas memories!

There were too many sweet moments to share in one post! If you’d like to see more photos from the Christmas Party, you can view the Facebook Photo Album here!

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