Each week, Heartline’s outreach team has the great honor of visiting a local orphanage where children with disabilities live. They worship, pray, and share bread baked at Heartline’s Beltis Bakery with the children and staff.

In February, the Men’s Ministry group and students from the Women’s Education Center cosmetology class joined together to shower the children with extra love and tender care. They volunteered to wash the children, cut and braid their hair, and provide manicures and pedicures.

As the day’s activities got underway, the orphanage overflowed with laughter and excitement. The children enthusiastically sang, worshipped, and prayed.

Colorful ribbons and barrettes were added to carefully braided hair. Little girls giggled at the individual attention.

Sheepish grins spread across the boys’ faces as the team gently cut their hair.

Hands tenderly held and massaged little feet. The children’s eyes sparkled as they received these simple acts of love.

“With their hearts, hands, and words these men and women let the children know they are loved and special. Their actions expressed their love for the children and reflected the love of God.” – John McHoul, Heartline Co-Founder

Reflecting on the day’s activities, it was clear that those who set out to serve others had received a blessing beyond what they could have imagined.

“I can’t help but think that the hearts of the men and women from Heartline are also touched by God through the children at the Mephibosheth orphanage.” – John McHoul

The Heartline outreach team visits the orphanage each week to extend compassionate care. We desire for each of these young people to know their unsurpassable value as a beloved child of God.

Your support of Heartline makes these outreach opportunities possible. Thank you for standing with Haitian men and women as they follow Jesus and serve others in their community!


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