My Dream is to Empower Others : Lexis’ Story

Lexis lives with her mother, father, and siblings in a rented home near the Port au Prince airport. With limited access to economic opportunities, it is difficult for the family to earn enough income to provide for their basic needs. Motivated by her desire to help provide a better life for her family, Lexis began teaching herself how to sew with the hope of earning an income.

Over time, Lexis realized that in order to advance her skills and develop a sewing business, she needed to pursue formal education where she could learn from seasoned mentors. Initially, this dream seemed impossible. Attending sewing school in Haiti would require tuition, and that was something her family simply could not afford. A friend recommended that she learn more about the educational opportunities offered at the Heartline Women’s Education Center.

Thanks to the generous support of donors, Heartline was able to grant Lexis a full scholarship to attend sewing courses at the Women’s Education Center. The classes have challenged her and she is thrilled with the progress she is making. “All of the education is difficult, but I am good at this and I can handle it,” she says with both confidence and humility.

Lexis especially enjoys the challenge of learning to sew men’s clothing, “My education will help me expand my skills so I can take on bigger and more challenging jobs, like men’s suits.” She is becoming a skilled seamstress and is thankful for the opportunity to learn income-generating skills that will allow her to pursue her dreams and provide for her family. After completing her courses, Lexis plans to operate a sewing business. She hopes to save the earnings in order to purchase a home for her family.

The experience at the Women’s Education Center has inspired Lexis to use her to skills to lift up other women in Haiti. “My dream is to open a sewing school to teach and empower others with these skills.”

When things are difficult, Lexis is encouraged by times of worship with her classmates. She has grown both personally and spiritually throughout her journey, and is deeply grateful to be a part of the supportive community at the Women’s Education Center.

Lexis is courageously working to build a brighter future for herself, her family, and other women in Haiti. 

On July 2, more than 200 Haitian women will graduate from the Heartline Women’s Education Center!

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Thank you for standing with women in Haiti as they work tirelessly to break the cycle of poverty and transform their lives, families, and communities.


  • Elizabeth says:

    “All of the education is difficult, but I am good at this and I can handle it” – I am inspired! Thanks for inspiring me with your tenacity and determination!

  • Joyce White says:

    You are stronger than you know! Congratulations on your committment, diligence and strong work ethic. Be proud- and continue to inspire others.

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