“A Simple Follower” Making a Big Difference

Nick Middleton and the New Men’s Discipleship Program

My name is Nick, I’m 31 years old, and originally from Kansas. At a young age the Lord saved me and since then, I’ve always wanted my life to be used in service to Him. Little did I know then all the things that He would have in store!

After finishing my degree in Mechanical Engineering I worked as an Aerospace engineer at several different companies in my hometown. The last was with an engineering firm from India, and that job was quite providential! Even though I worked in Kansas, God was nevertheless giving me cross-cultural training as I interacted with the Indians who came to live locally. I decided to move into the apartment complex where they all lived and spent many long hours discussing Hinduism and Christianity with them.

As that job was coming to a natural end, I felt restless. Before my work with the Indian firm I had never had interest in other cultures. In fact, I remember often telling people that I was planning to contentedly spend the rest of my life in Kansas! But now I wanted to see what God was doing in other parts of the world and besides, I was getting an itch to explore. Packing my bags I began traveling. Africa, Israel, Papua, these places influenced me greatly. And then there was Haiti… which quickly grabbed my heart, largely because of the desperate poverty I was exposed to there, especially in one orphanage I visited several times.

After an extended period of travelling and volunteer work both in America and abroad, I prayerfully evaluated the next stage of my life and made the decision to focus on Haiti.

Unsurprisingly, a door opened to volunteer in Port-au Prince with Heartline Ministries. I worked for six months as their driver, followed by the opportunity to spend a summer in an immersive learning environment as the only English speaker in a rural fishing village.
After returning from the village, the director of Heartline (John McHoul) approached me about volunteering in their new Men’s Discipleship Program. In particular heading up the business aspect of the bakery. After praying about it and feeling peace, I agreed, though I felt inadequate for the position (and still do!).

Since the time I began working here six months ago, the bakery has come a long way, and we are now daily producing six times the amount of bread from where we were at first. This is encouraging, yet there are still many challenges.

More excitingly, the first discipleship class recently finished, and we are looking forward with anticipation to the second class. This second class will be smaller (six men) and have a greater emphasis on spiritual formation, though still giving the guys an opportunity to work in the bakery and learn about that trade.

I would ask that you please be in prayer for the work going on here with the Men’s Discipleship Program. Our goal is to see God’s hand at work in changing lives.

Blessing to you all, and thank you for reading.
Nick Middleton

More on the Men’s Discipleship Program…
Heartline’s six-month discipleship program for men intends to provide “structured space” for participants to grow in their walk with the Lord. This is done though regular times of worship, Bible Study, prayer, outreach and ministry, memorization and meditation, homework, and working part-time in Heartline’s on-site bakery.

All men entering the program are professing believers who exhibit a desire to know God more deeply and are active in their church. A key goal for the program is fostering character formation.

The program is free for all participant’s, and they are paid a living stipend during the six months.

Sponsorships are much needed! Currently, we have six men selected for the next program that starts this month, (check out the photos), but we are waiting for adequate funds to begin.

A sponsorship of $58/month for one year will help greatly towards launching this next group of men!

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