Back to School : Education Center’s 10th Year

The Heartline Education Center is officially open for the 2017-2018 school year. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the school! Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude as we celebrate this incredible milestone and welcome a new class of dedicated students.

On Monday, students and staff gathered together to kick off a new school year with a time of worship and prayer. It is powerful to see the Education Center community collectively praising God, seeking His wisdom and strength, and joyfully anticipating all He will do in the coming months.

We are excited to share that the Women’s Education Center has a new name – the Heartline Education Center. This small change will have a big impact! We are thrilled that the school has opened its doors to include both male and female students. More than a dozen men have already enrolled in courses and we look forward to seeing even more Haitian families empowered through education and skills training!

The school is busier than ever, offering 14 courses including advanced sewing, beginner sewing, commercial baking, English, Spanish, cosmetology, crochet and embroidery, floral crafts, and computer skills. This means the Education Center is buzzing with activity during mornings, evenings, and even on weekends!

Will you please join us in prayer for the Education Center as students and staff embark on a new school year?

  • Please pray for wisdom and strength for Marjorie and Junior, the dedicated directors of the Heartline Education Center
  • Pray for protection over the students and staff as they travel to and from class each day
  • Pray for increased enrollment for the school year
  • Pray that the Education Center fosters a strong sense of community – where every student and staff member feels loved, supported, and respected
  • Pray that each student experiences personal, educational, relational, and spiritual growth this year
  • Pray for motivation, strength, and endurance for each student as many of them face tremendous difficulties in their daily lives
  • Praise God for each individual donor that gives to the Education Center, helping provide for much-needed tuition scholarships, supplies, facilities, and other program costs
  • Pray for financial provision and sustainability for the Education Center

Thank you for being a part of this supportive community. You are lifting up men and women in Haiti as they work to break the cycle of poverty and transform their lives, families, and communities!

We invite you to share your well wishes and prayers for the Education Center staff and students in the comments below.


  • Jenny L says:

    Good luck HEC students & staff! What a wonderful move to expand support & skills to Haitian familes. So excited for the future of these brave & courageous students- it takes so much strength to change your story. You can do it- so many people believe in you!

  • Jenny Pollman says:

    May the Lord prosper you in all that you set your hand to, blessing you so that you may in turn be a blessing to others. Love to you all at Heartline……

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