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Heartline has an incredible opportunity to receive a matching grant of nearly $15,000 through our partner organization, One Day’s Wages.

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When you make a donation to the Maternity Center through One Day’s Wages site here ( ODW will match your donation – dollar for dollar – up to $14,672.50, for a total of $29,345.

You can make a lifesaving difference today for Haitian women like Murielle and their precious babies.

Murielle is a 30 year old woman who came to the Heartline Maternity Center (MC) for prenatal midwifery care once she realized she was pregnant. The year before, Murielle had given birth to a baby at a hospital in Haiti. Her baby was visibly in need of medical attention the day after birth, but Murielle couldn’t find a doctor or nurse at the hospital to help and the baby tragically died.

Fueled by this grievous loss, Murielle was determined to get the best possible care and education during her next pregnancy. She traveled two hours to and from weekly prenatal programs at the Heartline MC throughout pregnancy.

Murielle was gripped with fear over losing another baby and shared her distrust of the medical system with Heartline’s staff. Over many weeks and months, she slowly began to trust the staff, particularly one midwife she saw each week for a consultation who was intentional to develop a trusting and reassuring relationship with Murielle.

At 37 weeks of pregnancy, she was put on bedrest due to dangerously high blood pressure and stayed at the Heartline MC until she went into labor three weeks later. The staff cared for and monitored Murielle and her baby in utero during this three week period, knowing that Murielle was fearful of not being able to get there in time once labor started.

Witnessing all she did during those weeks helped her release fear, deepen trust, and emotionally prepare to give birth. Each day of her bedrest, Murielle’s husband made the long trip from home to visit her at the Heartline MC.

Healthy baby Andrew was born on March 25, 2017 weighing 8 pounds 10 ounces. Murielle hemorrhaged after birth and was quickly given the medications and care she needed. She soon returned to her loving family where her husband and four-year-old daughter joyfully welcomed baby Andrew into the family.

“I wish that all the women in Haiti knew when to go for medical help. People don’t understand how serious ectopic pregnancy is or how serious blood pressure issues in pregnancy can be. They wait and wait and don’t go for help. Maybe because the help is hard to find but still I think they don’t know when it is serious. I learned a lot about that here at Heartline. I also wish people knew to trust the caregiver and not just the words of family and neighbors. When I was here on bedrest I was afraid that I should be having the baby. You kept telling me, “we want to wait on the day that is right and today is not that day” and for 25 days I waited and then Andrew came on the right day and he was alive. I want other Haitian women to know how to protect their own lives with this wisdom.” – Murielle

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