Today, we ask for your prayers.

As the complex situation in Haiti continues to unfold, we want to share a few updates and specific ways you can pray for Haiti, Heartline staff, and the families we serve.

Thank you for caring and for being with us in this ministry. Your steadfast support means more than we can put into words. In the midst of the chaos, we know God is here.

On Thursday, July 5, things in Haiti began to get tense. The Haitian government announced that it would no longer subsidize gas prices, resulting in a 38-51% increase to the cost of fuel.

The vast majority of the population live in an economy that is very fragile and they cannot absorb the higher prices. The average Haitian is affected by a gas price hike and that legitimately causes fear and anger. Unfortunately, there are also powerful forces using this opportunity to make a bad situation worse.

Protests, riots, and road blocks broke out across Haiti making travel extremely dangerous. Despite an announcement that the government reversed its decision on fuel subsidies, the unrest continued throughout the weekend. Many roads in Port au Prince were completely impassable and everyone was instructed to shelter in place.

Monday was a bit calmer in Heartline’s area of the city and as of Tuesday morning, transportation is moving freely in most places. We are grateful for these developments, but also know that the situation could change quickly and have heard that protests may resume.

We appreciate your continued prayers for the following situations:

  • Pray for peace to reign in Haiti and for an end to the violence.
  • Pray for wisdom for Haiti’s leaders. For the government to hear the concerns of their citizens and act in the best interest of the Haitian people.
  • Pray for Haiti’s economic situation. For provision for the vast majority of Haitians who are already working tirelessly and still struggling to provide for the basic needs of their families.
  • Pray for light to drown out the darkness. For justice and calm to prevail over manipulation and chaos.

  • Pray for safety for Heartline’s Haitian staff and their families. We are deeply touched by the dedication and courage of our Haitian staff. Each day, staff members have left their homes and made the dangerous and difficult trek to work. They continue to show up, ready to serve their community. The Maternity Center is fully staffed as midwives and nurses have voluntarily come in on their days off to lend an extra hand. Heartline’s oldest employee, Gran, has faithfully arrived each day to ensure that mamas have clean rooms, fresh sheets, and a welcoming oasis of peace at the Maternity Center.

Heartline midwives providing care despite unrest in Haiti

  • Pray for safety for women traveling to the Maternity Center for care. Babies have a way of arriving on their own schedule, and they certainly don’t wait for riots and protests to calm down. Prayers of protection over mothers coming to the MC for quality maternal care.

Maternity Center remains an oasis of peace for mamas and their babies

  • Prayers for safe transports. Sometimes, mothers in the Maternity Center program need to be transported to a hospital for a C-section or other emergency situation. We are currently unable to get to our usual hospital partner. Prayers for uncomplicated labors so that transport is not needed and for the route to the hospital to be clear and safe soon.

Transporting a mama-to-be to local hospital over the weekend

  • Pray for Lovely and baby Chrislove. After laboring at the Maternity Center on Friday and Saturday, Lovely’s labor stalled and she needed to be transferred to a hospital. (One of Heartline’s security guards walked 2 hours from his home in the middle of the night to join the ambulance and make sure Lovely was transported safely). We were able to take her to a local hospital in the middle of the night Friday/early Saturday morning. On Sunday, Lovely delivered her baby at the hospital but had a massive hemorrhage. She was unresponsive and the hospital sent the family searching for blood. Finding blood in Haiti is not an easy task on a normal day and it is still proving to be difficult for them to find her type and match. Her baby, Chrislove, is stable. As of Monday, Lovely was awake and breastfeeding Chrislove, but is still in need of a blood transfusion. *UPDATES: Click here and here for updates on Lovely and baby Chrislove!

Lovely breastfeeding her new baby at the hospital while waiting on a blood transfusion

  • Pray for Jesula and her baby. Jesula labored at the Maternity Center on Sunday and Monday before needing transport. We were able to get her safely to the same local hospital where Lovely and baby Chrislove are being treated. She had a C-section at the hospital on Monday night. Pray that she heals well, receives quality care at the hospital, and can return to the MC for postpartum care, breastfeeding support and bonding time with her baby. *UPDATE: Click here for an update on Jesula and baby Jaden

Jesula laboring with midwife Mica

  • Pray for the mamas who are due to deliver at the Maternity Center in the coming days/weeks: Florilla, Anide, Cherline, Angeline, Delivrancia, Marie Magalie. Pray for continued health, safe travel to the Maternity Center, and uncomplicated births. (PRAISE – Mirlene delivered a healthy baby girl at MC Monday night!)

Mirlene welcomes a healthy baby girl at the MC on July 9!

  • Pray for Heartline’s expat staff in Haiti and their families. For peace that surpasses all understanding, for supernatural wisdom, and for protection.


Lastly, we wanted to share a reflection from Heartline Ministries’ Co-Director, Tara Livesay:

Whenever Haiti heats up politically, people watching it unfold from far away are often led to believe Haiti and her people are generally dangerous and to be feared. I’m hoping you’ll hear me out. That is not the case. Generally and by and large the people of Haiti are not violent or unkind at all. I have seen hundreds of acts of generosity, sacrifice, and kindness in our time as the guests in Haiti. These events are not usually the average man or woman burning or looting things. (It is political powers and BIG money and other motives behind the curtain that drives the instability. There are people that need Haiti to stay poor and broken so they can stay rich and get richer.) The real Haiti is full of people that would take you into their home, feed you, shelter you, help you, while sacrificing their own bed and limited funds to do so. They’d do it everyday and even while their country burns around them.”

Your prayers are needed, treasured, and deeply felt by all of us. Thank you for loving Haiti.

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