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You can make a lasting difference in the lives of Haitian families!

Haiti is a place where contradictions collide – breathtaking beauty, remarkable strength, heartbreaking injustice, and staggering poverty all co-exist here. Many Haitians lack access to basic necessities like employment, medical care, and the means to provide for their families. The daily struggle to survive can be crushing.

But thanks to generous supporters, Heartline is able to stand with Haitians, envisioning a different reality together – where brokenness is replaced by wholeness and families are able to thrive.

Because of this generosity, women and men can enter the doors of Heartline Ministries and find love, joy, encouragement, and respect. We’re asking for your help today so that individuals across each of our programs can be nurtured and empowered through compassionate relationships, education, and economic opportunity.

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Your support will make a life-changing difference for Haitian families – like Naomi and her precious baby, Ruth.

Naomi and Ruth – September

Baby Ruth had an incredibly difficult start to life. But thanks to the faithful support of friends like you, Heartline was there to provide the personalized, quality care this mother and baby needed to survive. During a prenatal checkup, the skilled Heartline Maternity Center staff identified that Naomi had preeclampsia, a condition resulting in dangerously high blood pressure and life-threatening complications for mom and baby.

In this scary moment, the incredible support of Heartline partners made all the difference. We were able to safely transport Naomi by ambulance to a local hospital where Ruth was born via emergency C-section at just 32 weeks.

Baby Ruth receiving care at the MC

Three days later, due to overcrowding at the hospital, Naomi was discharged holding her tiny premature baby. Ruth weighed less than three pounds and was fighting for her life. But thanks to donors like you, Ruth and Naomi weren’t alone. This courageous mother and daughter returned to the Maternity Center, where they stayed for five weeks getting critical medical attention, breastfeeding support, and compassionate care before returning home.

Ruth continues to grow and Naomi is thriving as a nurturing mother to her little girl. Each week, they visit the Maternity Center for continued community, education, and medical checkups. Every time we see them together, we are reminded of the power of love.

Ruth and Naomi are a beautiful glimpse of the vision that brings us together and drives Heartline’s work – healthy, thriving Haitian families.

Naomi and Ruth – November

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Your compassion will serve as a cornerstone for the 75 pregnant mothers currently in the prenatal program (the majority of whom are high-risk like Naomi), the 130 men and women learning income-generating skills at the Education Center, the 15 men providing for their families through dignified employment at the Beltis Bakery, and the hundreds of individuals and families ministered to each week by our Discipleship and Outreach team.

Please give today to ensure that Haitian women, men, and families are given the opportunity to learn, thrive, and build a brighter future for their communities.

This has been a busy and fulfilling year at Heartline Ministries, with stories of great joy and also hardship, but through it all, the Heartline Family’s steadfast kindness and support have sustained us. Please thoughtfully consider making a year-end gift to Heartline today. Your donation will empower Haitians through lifesaving maternal care, education, economic opportunity, and community outreach. It means so much to have you with us!

Please invest in Haitian families by sending your much-needed donation today! You can mail your gift to PO Box 898, Sunnyside, WA 98944 or give online at

Your generosity will make a lasting impact in the lives of Haitian children, mothers, and families. We deeply appreciate your kindness!

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