2018 Highlights – Your Impact

You made a lasting impact by investing in Haitian families in 2018!

This year, you empowered individuals across each of our programs through maternal care, compassionate relationships, education, and economic opportunity. Thanks to you, Heartline continues to stand with Haitians, envisioning a different reality together – where brokenness is replaced by wholeness and families are able to thrive.

As 2018 comes to a close, we are celebrating the incredible impact that your generous support is making in Haiti and looking forward to investing in Haitian families in 2019.

Here’s a look at your impact in 2018:

Naomi holding baby Ruth

Your generosity provided medical care and education to 250 women from prenatal to postpartum. Together we celebrated the safe births of 118 babies and provided child development education to an average of 50 women each week following the birth of their children. You also helped make safe spacing of pregnancies possible for 836 Haitian women and girls. You cheered on the Haitian Midwives as they strengthened their clinical skills and stepped into the role of lead midwife in more than 85% of births at the Maternity Center.

A major highlight of the year was holding the first class utilizing The Starting Place: A Maternal Mortality Prevention Initiative. Four maternal health professionals joined us to observe the Maternity Center model of care and provided feedback that will help us make final adjustments to the manual and class before holding our next class in 2019.

Heartline Education Center sewing course Haiti

You stood with Haitian men and women as they learned income-generating skills to  provide for their families.

Under the leadership of a newly appointed Haitian manager, you walked with us through a season of intense refining at the Heartline Education Center. Earlier this year, you celebrated as 49 students graduated and launched into the labor force. And now, you continue to encourage the 129 students currently enrolled in sewing, advanced sewing, cooking, and cosmetology classes. You rejoiced with us when the most recent government exams returned with a 100% pass rate! In 2019, we look forward to gaining a greater understanding of the Education Center’s impact and community needs.

Sponsored students at Heartline annual Christmas party

Through student sponsorship, you gave children from materially poor families the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive.

This year our Sponsorship program connected our donor community with 91 students (ranging from 4 to 21 years old) attending schools in Cite Soleil and Corail. You helped provide new backpacks and school supplies to every student at the beginning of the school year. Your kindness brought holiday joy to these incredible students during their annual Christmas party.

Your love poured into our Discipleship and Outreach team members as they met the physical and spiritual needs of their most vulnerable neighbors. They felt your encouragement as they made outreach visits to more than 500 prisoners, children with special needs, elderly, and impoverished residents of Port au Prince. You equipped Haitian outreach team members to share the greatest gift of all – the wonderful news of Jesus – with 200 children each week at Kids’ Club.

By providing economic opportunity, you are helping to bring forth our vision of healthy, thriving, Haitian families. Thank you for praying, hoping, and giving so that Haitian women and men can parent their children and provide for their extended families in a dignified and sustainable manner.

Operating six days per week, the Beltis Bakery now utilizes over 700 pounds of flour each day to produce bread, chicken pate, and pizza – providing a delicious and affordable product to the local community. You rallied around this incredible team of 18 employees as we relocated the bakery and broke new sales records, totaling over $110,000 for the year!

You celebrated with us as we watched the inaugural Savings Group, made up of 19 Haitian staff members, save over $2,000 and provide much-needed loans to group members. And now we are heading into 2019 with a second group of 15 staff members gaining valuable financial tools!

Thank you for spreading joy and making a lasting impact in the lives of Haitian families. We are excited for all that God has in store for 2019. We wish you and your family a very Happy New Year!

Please consider making a special year-end gift today to invest in healthy, thriving Haitian families. heartlineministries.org/give

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