Many of you have checked in to ask about Wisler and Love – both babies were born in November and are facing significant medical challenges. Click here to read the previous update.

Thank you for caring about these precious little ones and their families.

In addition to providing quality maternal healthcare, your donations to the Heartline Maternity Center ensure that we are able to cover the ongoing medical costs for Wisler, Love, and other babies with special circumstances.

If you’d like to give to the Maternity Center, please *CLICK HERE* and select Maternity Center from the dropdown menu.


Baby Wisler with ng tube in hospital in Haiti.

Wisler has Pierre Robin syndrome – it is a condition present in birth, in which the infant has a smaller than normal lower jaw, a tongue that is placed further back than normal, and an opening in the roof of the mouth (cleft palate). This combination of features can lead to difficulty breathing and problems with eating early in life.

Pierre Robin syndrome may occur alone or be associated with a variety of other signs and symptoms. In Wisler’s case, we believe there are other undiagnosed issues going on as well. The exact cause of Pierre Robin syndrome is unknown.

Mama Rezlane holds baby Wisler after he was discharged from the hospital.

After spending the last month in the hospital, baby Wisler has gained some weight and the hospital successfully placed a g-tube (feeding tube inserted into the stomach). He was released from the hospital on January 9 and mama Rezlane was so happy to bring her sweet baby boy home!

We’re hopeful he will continue to gain weight and will be able to have his clef palate repaired when he is six months old. Rezlane knows so many of you have been praying for them and asked us to say thank you!


Love was born with malformations to her rectum, legs, and feet. Some doctors have said she won’t be able to walk, others have told us that it’s possible. Her mama and papa, Lovely and TiChris, adore their daughter. Love is at home with her family, and is eating and growing well.

On January 9, Love was seen at a hospital that specializes in club foot and other foot deformities. She had x-rays and an appointment with an orthopedic specialist who put a cast on her leg and knee. Love will need to visit the hospital each week for the next few months to have a new cast put on in hopes that her leg will extend and have some mobility.

It has been a joy to see this sweet duo at the Maternity Center each week on postpartum days. Please send up an extra prayer for Lovely who went back to her job as a Kindergarten teacher this week. Love’s dad, Ti Chris, will take her to the weekly doctor’s appointments.

In April, Love is scheduled to see an orthopedic surgeon to discuss further options and what surgeries might be necessary.

Wisler, Love, and their parents have many challenges ahead. Thank you for your continued generosity and prayers. It means so much that you care.

We invite you to share your prayers and words of encouragement for Wisler, Love, and their families in the comments below.


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