You are Hope for Haitian Families

To say it’s been a challenging year for families in Haiti is an understatement. The daily difficulties of living in Haiti have been worsened by political unrest, gang violence, and frequent protests in the streets. For a mother trying to make ends meet, impassable roads and a heightened risk of violence can be thieves of hope.

When you support Heartline Ministries you are providing hope in difficult times. You are opening the door to a different reality, a brighter future. You can be a partner in hope. 


Christella had been experiencing unrest in Haiti for months already. As a client at the Heartline Maternity Center, she worked her way through various difficulties each week to receive prenatal care in a safe, peaceful environment. Like other women in the program, Christella often prayed that the day she went into labor would fall on a calm day in the streets. A day when she could find safe passage to the Heartline Maternity Center without having to navigate roadblocks and burning tires.

It was day three of a week-long countrywide shutdown when Christella woke with contractions. Hoping to avoid barricades and protesters, Christella wasted no time and got an early start on the road to the Maternity Center. She left before the sun came up. She arrived at the MC and labored in safety and security for 15 hours. As she did, the radio filled the air with reports of distress across Haiti. The midwives at the Heartline Maternity Center used every trick of the trade to help Christella give birth, but to no avail.

When nothing worked, the last resort was to transport Christella to a hospital in hopes they could address the complications she was experiencing. Due to the unrest and to avoid the chaos in the streets, the transport was attempted around midnight. As is often the case during these times of unrest, the local hospitals were either full or no doctors were available. Surrounded by the caring team at the Heartline Maternity Center, Christella knew she must place all her hope in God and the caring team of nurses and midwives with whom she’d been preparing for months now.


When you support Heartline Ministries you are providing hope for solutions that might not otherwise be available. You are opening the door to a different reality, a brighter future. You are giving hope that may not have previously existed.

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Under the watchful eye of the Heartline staff and blanketed in prayer, Christella tearfully welcomed Chrisley into the world. A healthy 6lb., 15 oz. baby boy. His first breath filled the room with the hope of new life. With each new life we are reminded that hope is stubborn and refuses to be extinguished.

Support Heartline Ministries and provide hope in a country where 65% of women deliver without a skilled or trained provider. You will open the door to a different reality, a brighter future. You are a partner in hope.

Thank you for providing hope by investing in Haitian families! Please thoughtfully consider making a year-end gift to Heartline today. Your donation will provide hope to Haitians through lifesaving maternal care, education, economic opportunity, and community outreach. 

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Troy & Tara Livesay
Directors, Heartline Ministries

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