To say it’s been a challenging year for families in Haiti is an understatement. The normal daily difficulties of living in Haiti have been worsened by political unrest, gang violence, and frequent protests in the streets. For a father trying to make ends meet, impassable roads and a heightened risk of violence can be thieves of hope.

When you support Heartline Ministries you are providing hope in difficult times. You are opening the door to a different reality, a brighter future.

You are giving hope to Haitian families.

Phillipe came to the Heartline Beltis Bakery in 2015. Always recognized as a hard working team member, Phillipe has a smile for everyone he meets. He especially enjoys preparing pates and pizza at the bakery.

Phillipe and his wife Majorie have three children, two sons and one daughter. They’ve been married since 2012 and like parents all over the world, they have hopes and dreams for the future of their family. They hope for income to afford the basics and provide for their young children as they grow. They hope to be able to afford to send their children to school in a country where education isn’t free and can mean the difference between thriving and life on the streets.

Phillipe faces mountainous challenges in his daily life as a father and loving husband living in Haiti. Inflation in Haiti has risen 30% in the last 24 months and just getting to his job at the bakery each day means navigating violence in the streets, protests, and road closures. Phillipe finds hope first and foremost in his faith in Christ. He knows he serves a mighty God who is capable of all things. He also knows that Heartline has a community of faithful donors like you who help keep the ministry operational each and every day. He knows you are a partner in hope.

Phillipe is not only hopeful, he is determined. This year, Phillipe has taken additional steps to help his family during this challenging season and for the long-term. As an early member of the Heartline Savings Group, Phillipe was able to save and invest and ultimately take out a loan for a plot of land. Phillipe uses that land to grow beans, corn, yams and bananas which he sells for supplemental income.

When you support Heartline Ministries you are providing hope in the form of solutions that might not otherwise be available. You are opening the door to a different reality, a brighter future. You are giving hope that may not have previously existed.

It’s true! When you support Heartline throughout the year, you are supporting hope for families like Phillipe’s. As a father and husband, Phillipe works hard to make a way for his family when there may seem to be no way. His persistence coupled with your support has enabled this family to have a brighter future, even in times of economic despair.

Thank you for giving hope by investing in Haitian families with us!! Please thoughtfully consider making a year-end gift to Heartline today. Your donation will provide hope to Haitians through lifesaving maternal care, education, economic opportunity, and community outreach. 

With gratitude,

Troy & Tara Livesay
Directors, Heartline Ministries

P.S. Please invest in Haitian families by sending your much-needed gift today! Your tax-deductible donation can be mailed to 910 Franklin Ave., Suite 3, Sunnyside, WA 98944 or you can give online at We deeply appreciate your generosity.

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