Father’s Day – Moise’s Story

This Father’s Day, we are honored to share Moise’s story and join together in hope for the newest member of the Medor family expected to arrive this fall.

Meet Moise

Moise Medor is one of those special people you don’t meet very often. He’s a wonderful mix of humility and strength that comes together to form an amazing leader, husband and friend. God willing, his title will soon include father. 

Moise and his wife, Jonise, live in the Delmas neighborhood of Port au Prince, Haiti. They share their home with his wife’s sister, Gina and a nephew, Bensley.  Moise serves as Heartline’s Director of Discipleship and Outreach and has been working for Heartline for 8 years. He has been part of many great moments in Heartline’s story, including the opening of the Beltis Bakery, the formation of Heartline’s Discipleship and Outreach program and the expansion of Heartline’s outreach to the elderly and the children at Mephibosheth House  (a home for children who are differently abled). 

Moise states his favorite part of serving with Heartline is sharing the gospel in prisons. Currently, Heartline’s Discipleship and Outreach Team ministers in three prisons each week. Although our methods are different with the onset of COVID-19, Moise and the team have made sure their ministry continues to this vulnerable population. Moise never gives up hope. He hopes for a brighter day in Haiti, a brighter future for the people he encounters each week and for stability for the nation he loves. He also anticipates the birth of this miracle baby.  

A family begins…

Moise met Jonise at church. He knew she was the one for him because he had been praying for God to lead him to a wife and companion. Moise shares…

“I knew she was the one when I first saw her, but I waited and prayed for God’s favor while we grew together as friends.” 

They were married in August of 2012. 

Moise and Jonise have prayed for a baby for 7 years. These years were long as they tried to become pregnant and even sought medical guidance, visiting a specialist. They were informed it just wouldn’t be possible. Together, they prayed and remained persistent in hope. They continued to try. 

Patience and hope

Moise states that even though the news that they would not be able to have a baby of their own was hard, it was not the end for him and Jonise. They pressed forward and continued to pray for a miracle. He also enlisted the prayers of the Heartline Discipleship and Outreach Team who continue to pray with him each week.

As he and Jonise turned the corner and entered into a new year, something was different and Jonise visited the Heartline Maternity Center to have a test. What happened next is certainly a miracle! 

In Moise’s own words…

“It’s been a long time that my wife and I have been waiting for a baby, then we went to a hospital together and the doctor said we couldn’t have a baby due to medical reasons, but God made a miracle in our lives! Now we’re going to have a baby. I would like to glorify the name of Jesus! Nothing is impossible for God. [We’ve] been trying for a long-time. This is the first time she became pregnant.” 

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.. 

Romans 12:12

What’s next?

Today, Jonise is a client at the Heartline Maternity Center. She is receiving dignified, compassionate prenatal care and working to meet their new baby. She and Moise know they have a miracle baby and they treasure your prayers for them and this new little one. With a due date in the fall, they have a journey ahead, but it’s a much different journey than the one they’ve been on. This journey is filled with new hope. A hope that their miracle baby grows and develops safely inside Jonise so they can welcome him/her to the world when the time is right. 

Jonise arriving for prenatal clinic at the Heartline Maternity Center

Thanks to your support, we’ll be right there with Moise and Jonise for the journey and the long-awaited arrival of their baby. Moise, already an amazing man, is embarking on a new chapter – fatherhood. 

This Father’s Day, give a special gift to Heartline Ministries in honor of a father in your life and make a lasting impact on families in Haiti. 

This Father’s Day, we celebrate the love, sacrifice, and courage of fathers around the world.

Will you honor a special man in your life by investing in families in Haiti?


Heartline’s vision is to see Haitian families thrive, and we believe fathers are a crucially important piece of making that possible. We are continually working to encourage and provide opportunities for fathers to remain actively involved in their families.

When you make a donation to Heartline Ministries, we’ll send a personalized Father’s Day e-card to the man you wish to honor. Your thoughtful gift will equip the team at Heartline to continue to invest in Haitian families thorough programs focused on maternal health, education, outreach and economic empowerment. 

A Father’s Day update! 

Do you remember Sylvestre’s story? We shared it on the Heartline blog for Father’s Day 2019. You can check it out here. We’re excited to report that Sylvestre’s family is doing great! 

Sylvestre has continued to make great strides as the Operations Manager at Heartline’s Education and Employment Campus and he’s returning to school this summer to pursue his MBA! We’re thrilled to see him continue his growth and thankful for his contributions to Heartline. 


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