Shop Haiti 2020

Get an early start on holiday shopping this year!
Give unique gifts that benefit Haitian artisans and their families.

Heartline Ministries loves these organizations for their dedication to orphan prevention and family preservation through skills training and job creation in Haiti!
Check out our 2020 Shop Haiti recommendations!

The team at 2nd Story Goods believes you deserve to feel good about the stuff you buy. They understand how it feels to want to buy good things for the people who made them, the planet, and you.

Items we love from left to right: Bead Wrap bracelet, Angel ornament, and Market basket.

Another reason we love 2nd Story Goods…

They maintain an emergency fund for their staff. From natural disasters to medical emergencies, 2nd Story treats their staff like family and is ready to meet a staff member’s need, should it arise.
Read more here: Emergency Fund.

Deux Mains is an ethical and sustainable fashion brand working to fight injustice in the fashion industry.

The team at Deux Mains believes business can and should work to alleviate poverty by creating great jobs!

Items we love from left to right: Inner-tube Doppkit, Majok, and Horn Wrap bracelet and Small leather pouch – cognac.

Another reason we love Deux Mains…

Their unique ecosystem combines the support of their non-profit Rebuild Globally, which provides on-the-ground education, job training, and community development, with the for-profit Deux Mains, which provides local, sustainable, living-wage jobs. 

Petite Palm is a socially conscious lifestyle brand nestled under the Caribbean sun in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. 

Their one-of-a-kind goods craft opportunity for women to thrive.   When you purchase their products, you choose to stand tall with them in the fight for justice.

Items we love from left to right: 5-in-1 Cover – coral shibori, Stretch swaddle – teal striped, and Simplistic bracelet – Ebony

Another reason we love Petite Palm…

They are our neighbors! Located on Heartline’s Education and Employment Campus, Petite Palm’s mission is to offer stable employment to skilled artisans to see families and communities in Haiti thrive.

Papillon means “Butterfly” in French. Around the world, people view the butterfly as representing endurance, change, hope, and life. Papillon’s mission is orphan prevention through job creation.

Working at Papillon is more than just a job. Shelley and the team focus on fair and equitable wages, training and development, and a creative, friendly work environment!

Items we love from left to right: Signature bracelet (a best seller!), medium hanging nativity, and of course – the love mug

Another reason we love Papillon…

Like Petite Palm, Papillon Marketplace is also located on Heartline’s Education and Employment Campus, making a move in early 2020.

As much as is possible, they source all of their supplies locally. Varnish, glue, paper, unprocessed clay, and raw metals are all purchased locally to further stimulate the Haitian economy and create more jobs.

Haiti Design Co was founded in 2014 to bring about sustainable development through design, training, and job creation.

Their mantra around the workshop is “Men anpil, chay pa lou.” This is an old Haitian proverb meaning, “Many hands make the load light.”

Items we love from left to right: Beaded tassel earring, Canteen bag, and Lalin leather pouch.

Another reason we love Haiti Design Co…

With over 129 employees who support another 265 dependents in their respective families, Haiti Design Co is making a difference in the lives of Haitian families with dignified employment and skills training that lasts a lifetime. Additionally, 142 kids are in school as a result of their parents having a steady income.

This year, more than ever, consider these trusted friends of Heartline in your holiday gift-giving!

That’s our list of favorites! What are yours? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments below.


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