A Song of Restoration

“Restore to me the joy of your salvation,
and uphold me with a willing spirit.”

-Psalm 51:12

Rejected, alone, and feeling hopeless, Mica had nowhere to turn. Beyond the daily challenges of life in Haiti, Mica had survived the trauma of sexual violence. When she found out she was pregnant as a result of rape, her world came crashing down.

Mica was losing everything. In her community, friends and neighbors would say, “Do not talk to that girl because she is not good.” Sadly, she experienced the same rejection at her church. She was prohibited from taking communion and couldn’t sing during worship. Mica’s passion for singing was fading, and she was losing one of the most important things she possessed – her song. 

When Mica felt there was no hope, a friend introduced her to Heartline Ministries. That’s when everything began to change. Through her participation in Heartline’s Maternity Center Program, Mica learned how to care for herself, the baby growing inside her, and re-learned her intrinsic worth as a daughter of the King. 

The turning point in Mica’s restoration journey came when she stepped into the Heartline Maternity Center. Because of your support, the doors were open for Mica. Thanks to your generosity, the center is staffed with passionate, educated caregivers. The nurses and midwives provided dignified, loving care to Mica and her unborn child.

Today, Caël is three years old and is the light of Mica’s life. Mica has not only found her song again, but she’s also found a career in maternal health. Inspired by the care she received, Mica trained to become a midwife and is now the Heartline Maternity Center Manager. 

We’re asking for your help today so that individuals in Heartline’s programs can be nurtured and empowered through compassionate relationships, education, and economic opportunity. 

Mica and Caël

Mica is a natural leader and fountain of joy. She leads a team of 16 professionals plus support staff as they care for thousands of Haitian women, girls, and babies each year. Mica has found her voice, and you can hear her sing by checking out Mica’s story of restoration in her own words.

Mica at the Heartline Maternity Center

For all of us, 2020 has brought new and unique challenges. It hasn’t changed the ever-present call to invest in Haitian families. Please thoughtfully consider making a year-end gift to Heartline today. Your donation helps restore Haitian families by providing lifesaving maternal care, education, economic opportunity, and community outreach. We couldn’t do it without you. Thank you for being an integral part of the Heartline family! 

Will you become a partner in restoration this holiday season by investing in the lives of Haitian children, mothers, and families? Your help is needed today.

Click below to watch, “A Song of Restoration”.


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