Heartline Ministries 2020 Annual Report

Mica, a midwife at the Heartline Maternity Center, conducts a prenatal exam.

It’s hard to imagine many of us will reflect on 2020 with any measure of fondness.

What a difficult and unpredictable year we faced as individuals, families, and a global community.

Knowing how difficult 2020 was for all of us makes this opportunity to report on the work you helped accomplish at Heartline Ministries in Haiti even more astounding and exciting.

It is no small thing to continue to give generously to support Haitian families when you face a level of uncertainty regarding your own family. We are thankful for your faithful and generous giving.

Use the controls below to view Heartline’s 2020 Annual Report. You can enlarge, flip pages and even print or download the report. Questions? Send us a note at connect@heartlineministries.org and we’ll get right back to you!

As you can see when reviewing the report, programs continued in Haiti, and Heartline’s phenomenal staff worked hard to offer classes and community during the chaotic early days and months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Leaders emerged, needs were met, families were supported, and the traumatic events the world faced did not interrupt the ways you and Heartline changed lives. We couldn’t be more grateful.

Having trouble viewing the report? Click the button below to access a PDF version.

Thank you for investing in families with Heartline!

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