The Starting Place Birth and Wellness Center

Starting Place founders Tara Livesay (left) and Beth (KJ) Johnson (right)

It’s finally here! We’ve been working towards June 2021 long before we signed the papers back on December 31, 2020, and this month we’ll open the doors to the Starting Place Birth and Wellness Center in Temple, Texas! We’re so excited to bring the Heartline Haiti Maternity Center model to families in Bell County, Texas!

In January, we shared a post detailing how we arrived at the vision for The Starting Place and why it’s a great fit for Bell County, Texas, and the mission and vision of Heartline Ministries. You can read the post by clicking the button below.

From Tara

In Port au Prince, women struggle to receive any sort of consistent level of care, the average woman has just one or two prenatal visits total before delivery. The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends at least 8 visits. 

While things are not that difficult or desperate in Texas, we do know there is a significant need for relational and personalized care. Many women delay starting care until well into the second trimester. 

All women need to be met with compassion and understanding in the vulnerable months of pregnancy and postpartum. We do that in Haiti and we will do that in Texas.

Knowing 1 in 5 women have serious struggles with PMAD (post partum mood and anxiety disorders) and that it is inadequately screened, The Starting Place Birth and Wellness Center will universally screen and provide support and community for all women that we work with. 

We are excited to open officially and begin this important work. 

Will you be nearby? We’d love for you to join us! You’re invited!

The Starting Place Grand Opening event will be held at the Starting Place, Temple, Texas on Tuesday, June 29th.

720 N. 3rd St., Temple, Texas 76501

5-8pm – Tours and Facility Walkthrough

7pm – Guest Speaker and Ribbon Cutting!

Learn more about The Starting Place by visiting the website!


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