Father’s Day – Meet Bredy

Each year, we look forward to featuring a father on Father’s Day. This year, it’s our privilege to introduce you to Bredy, but first, let’s reflect on the last year. At Heartline, we owe Bredy a debt of gratitude for his faithful leadership during a tumultuous year full of change.

Heartline and the country of Haiti have seen a lot of change in the past 12 months. From social unrest and political instability at levels we’ve not experienced to the fear and confusion caused by the onset of COVID-19. Within Heartline, we’ve seen significant changes as the Livesay’s moved to Temple, Texas, and local leadership stepped into position investing in families every day living out our mission. We’ve welcomed new organizations to the Education and Employment Campus, rebuilt the Heartline Bakery, and even expanded the capacity of the Education Center through the addition of a second building. Despite the many challenges we face, God has been faithful, and the team in Haiti has risen to the occasion. As noted, one of the team members who made this possible is Bredy Wilhelm. 

Bredy began his career with Heartline as a night guard seven years ago, and today, he serves as Heartline’s Head of Security. Bredy and his wife, Guerline Laine, live near the Education and Employment Campus, and they have two boys.  Richeneider is five years old and in 4th grade. Prince Oliver is two years old and attends preschool. 

Heartline’s Director, Troy Livesay, says this about Bredy, “His work and leadership have allowed for the transitions of the last few years to go smoothly. Security is of the utmost importance and a real challenge in Haiti. Our staff and programs can function with confidence and safety thanks to Bredy’s integrity and reliability.”

At Heartline, our values are relationship, integrity, and shalom. Bredy is a shining example of these values and, along with his family, another beautiful illustration of the impact of your generous support. Whether it’s the families we serve each day or the employees of Heartline and their families, our values and vision apply to each person we connect with along the way. 

In his role as Head of Security, Bredy ensures staff, guests, property, and vehicles are protected and safe. He also keeps a keen eye on events and activities held on the campus to ensure they run smoothly and safely for staff and visitors alike. His passion for people and his integrity and character are evident in his dedication to his work.

Bredy shares that he enjoys being able to support the good work of Heartline through his contributions as Head of Security. When asked if he had a least favorite part of his job, he replied that he doesn’t see anything he doesn’t like about it. That’s a strong statement considering his role’s responsibility, including working all hours and evenings accompanying the Heartline ambulance during transports to hospitals. 

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Like many families, Bredy and Guerline both work to provide for their children. Mornings are hectic as mom and dad prepare for work while getting the boys ready for school. They dress the boys in their uniforms, make sure they’ve had a good breakfast, and get them safely across town, then off to their jobs. Given that traffic in Haiti can be quite different than that of the US or Canada, this is no small feat! 

We asked Bredy what advice he would offer fathers based on his own experience raising two boys. He shared…

“It is easy to become a father, but life is hard. It is important to have good strong character and teach that to your children. It is especially important for raising children in Haiti.”

Bredy tells us that his prayer as a father is for his family to be blessed by God and that he and his wife would receive wisdom as they parent their boys each day. The last few years of unrest in Haiti brought challenging days. The boy’s schools have been closed, and at one point, the family was forced to relocate temporarily due to violence in the community.  

Bredy and Guerline press on raising their boys and praying for a better future for them, their children, and the country of Haiti. Bredy tells us he prays for peace and forgiveness amongst the leadership in Haiti. As a father, he works toward a better future for his children. When you invest in families in Haiti, you are letting fathers like Bredy know they are not alone, and together, we can realize Heartline’s vision of healthy, thriving families in Haiti. 

Honor a special man in your life this Father’s Day by caring for families in Haiti. When you give to Heartline Ministries, we’ll send a personalized e-card to the man you wish to recognize. E-cards will be sent Sunday, June 20th. Your gift provides maternal care, education, and economic opportunities to families in Haiti!

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