Earthquake Strikes Haiti’s Southern Peninsula: Next Steps

We promised tangible ideas of how to help, please use your discernment and consider these options.

The communities that were most affected by the weekend earthquakes were all in the southern part of Haiti. On the best of days traveling by car in Haiti is a challenge, after the earthquake and with recent violence and gang activity it is even more difficult to get to the South department of the country. In addition to these trying circumstances, the island is in the projected path of Tropical Depression Grace. This will further complicate logistics. We are suggesting donations to organizations with the ability to mobilize and travel quickly. We are not in a position to guarantee how your donation will be used but we do have a general belief that these organizations are operating with cultural knowledge and deep concern for the people of Haiti. This is by no means an exhaustive list. Those listed below are organizations that we have a personal connection with, are and will be working to assist people directly impacted, and trust. There are a great many others that are working in southern Haiti and affected by the earthquake. Our advice is always to give to those with a history and longevity in Haiti, paying special attention to those with a clearly communicated goal and a transparent vision and values.

Organizations we recommend actively engaged in relief efforts

The news cycle being what it is, we recognize that before one disaster has been addressed, another presents itself. We hope you’ll continue to carry Haiti in your prayers and consider how else you may invest in the recovery from this weekend’s earthquake.

What will Heartline Ministries do?

Our two locations are in Port au Prince and have not suffered any damage. We are not in the area most affected nor are we able to divert staff to those areas as we will continue to operate our Maternity Center and Education and Employment Campus as usual. We’re still hearing from staff but at this time we have three employees that have family that lost homes. Others from our programs (including former 2010 earthquake hospital patients and friends) have been impacted as well. In the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster, medical attention is first and foremost on our minds. Once the needs are less acute we will hope to raise funds to rebuild homes for those families. We are mobilizing a team of orthopedic surgeons, at this time those plans are awaiting finalization. Any donations given to Heartline with designation for “2021 Earthquake” will be used for rebuilding homes and supporting the orthopedic team should that materialize.

Images in this message are property of HERO Client Rescue and depict their partnership over the weekend with the US Coast Guard as part of rescue operations in Haiti’s southern peninsula (8.14-8.15.21). Additional images property of Hospital Lumière and Locally Haiti. 

Current path of TD Grace


  • Ed Lord says:

    Following the January 12, 2010, earthquake I found my way to Heartline Ministries to offer a helping hand. Given that I had a 30-year background in emergency medical management I was asked by the Director of the ministry to assist them in setting up a viable response to the tragic event. I joined an impressive team of clinical staff to meet, as best we could, the pressing needs of the affected population. The memories of this deployment came flooding back following this past weekend’s 7.2 temblor. As I write this comment we still do not accurate stats on the total number of dead and injured. I pray the figures do not approach the staggering numbers that we saw 11 years ago. Things have not changed that much during the past decades. Gangs still roam and in some cases control many parts of the country. Governance was once again compromised when its President was assassinated a number of weeks ago and, as we saw ten plus years ago, hospitals and clinics are overwhelmed with injured people who are not only looking for treatment but seeking shelter for a variety of reasons. Throw in the expected landing of a tropical storm this week with drenching rains, what you have is an ever growing chaotic situation. I pray nightly for the Haitian people and I have been doing this since I was there back in 2010. While prayers are important I can only hope that people in America and across the globe will support the ministries and organizations that have been on the ground for many years. I know for a fact that Heartline Ministries is a reputable NGO that keeps it’s administrative costs low while directing incoming donations to the people it serves. I wholeheartedly vouch for them.

    • Dave Kless says:

      Hello Ed. Thank you for your thoughtful response. Thank you also for your continued prayers for the people of Haiti.

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