Marie Sherlla ~ Hope Persists Part 2 of 2

The turning point in Marie Sherlla’s story came in the fall of 2020 after a year of seeking answers. Through Heartline’s existing relationship with the Partners in Health Hospital in Mirabalais, Haiti, aand your generous, faithful investment in families – Marie Sherlla was able to enter a program of care focused on her wellness. 

Team members from Haiti to Colorado, Minnesota, and Texas pulled together in the following months to provide answers and support as she worked to recover from her illness and return to what she loved most, her baby girl, Anshaïlla.

Join Heartline this holiday season by investing in the lives of Haitian children, mothers, and families.
Stories like Marie Sherlla’s happen every day, and your generosity is changing lives.

Today, Marie Sherlla is back in school. She’s doing well and focused on being the best mother she can be as she prepares to finish classes and take the next steps towards a nursing degree. The good news is that she is not alone. Her sponsor, the Heartline team, and you are with her. You are investing in her, praying for her, cheering for her, and letting her know that she is fearfully and wonderfully made by a Creator who loves her and her baby girl so very, very much.

Marie Sherlla and all of us at Heartline know her story of persistence, faith, and motherly love would not be possible without God’s amazing grace and you – the Heartline donor. You see, you funded this work through your support. You ensured we could send Marie Sherlla to multiple doctors as we pursued solutions. You paid the team’s salaries on the ground in Haiti as they worked throughout her illness to find those solutions and check in on her and baby Anshaïlla. (photo below taken 12.12.21 – Anshaïlla, Marie Sherlla, and her mom)

The next chapter in Marie Sherlla’s story includes raising an energetic toddler, finishing school, and making plans to become a nurse. We are thankful to know that you will be right there with her as she continues to persist and break free from the chains of material poverty.

2021 has brought Haiti many new challenges. Some say more challenges than the horrific days post-quake in 2010. We’ve seen unprecedented insecurity, violence in the streets, a presidential assassination, kidnappings daily, and at some times, complete lockdown in the communities we live and serve in.

It hasn’t changed the ever-present call to invest in families. Please thoughtfully consider making a year-end gift to Heartline today. Your donation helps restore families by providing lifesaving maternal care, education, economic opportunity, and community outreach. 

We couldn’t do it without you.
Thank you for being an integral part of the Heartline family!

Please invest in Haitian families by sending your much-needed donation today! Your generosity will make a lasting impact in the lives of children, mothers, and families.

We sat down with Marie Sherlla and baby Anshaïlla in early November and asked her a few questions about her journey. Click the button below to watch!


  • Mary Jo says:

    Loved reading about Marie and her difficult journey but so blessed to have Heartline walking right beside her! Sounds like her and her sweet toddler have a great future waiting on them! Thank you for sharing!
    Blessings! Merry Christmas!

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