Cooking Class at the Heartline Education Center

The Heartline Education Center is home to over 260 adult students and employs 15 Haitian men and women. We’re proud of the unique fact that whether it’s teachers, administrators or facilities support, our staff is 100% Haitian. Locally operated, locally-led, and focused on investing in families through economic opportunity. Did you know that many of the staff we have today started as students at the education center? Another fact that we’re proud to celebrate. 

Founded in 2007 with the goal of providing economic opportunity to women, the Education Center has grown over the years to welcome men and women as they seek to gain income-generating skills. Cooking and baking are two of the most popular courses we offer at the education center. We hope you enjoy these images of students and instructors from the current session at the Heartline Education Center. 

Students foster life-long relationships with other students and staff as they learn not only cooking skills but proper service and table etiquette as well. From setting the table through preparing and presenting the meal, they will graduate with the skills to seek gainful employment or start their own small business. 

Rice and Beans – a Haitian favorite 

Beans and rice are a staple in many diets around the world. Haiti is no exception. The pairing is said to have originated in Africa, and you can see unique subtle (and sometimes not so subtle!) nuances in French, Spanish and Creole cooking just to name a few. We couldn’t share a post about cooking class without sharing a classic Haitian recipe! Enjoy one of our favorites!

Do you have a favorite Haitian dish? Maybe something you’ve heard of but haven’t yet tried? How about a favorite Haitian restaurant in your city? Share your thoughts and experiences regarding Haitian cooking below – we’d love to hear from you! 

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