Heartline’s Community Outreach Team

The Heartline Community Outreach Team, also known as the Discipleship and Outreach ministry was established in response to the direction of Jesus in Matthew 25:35-40 to feed the hungry, clothe the stranger, and visit the sick and imprisoned as prioritized ways of ministering in the name of Jesus.

The team ministers to lonely prisoners, children with disabilities, children living in extreme material poverty, and aging Haitians. Outreach ministry includes sharing bread baked at the Heartline bakery, evangelism, worship, and prayer, and developing personal relationships to communicate love and the dignity of each person.

Initially started back in 2013, the goal of the team was to equip young men serving in their church with additional skills to minister to their local community and ultimately, release them back into their chosen roles stronger and wiser. A direct reflection of the model Jesus provides for us as in His Word. Pastor Jim Putnam shares the goals of Jesus’ discipleship, he writes…

  • Jesus brought them to a place/situation where there were others who were in need.
  • Jesus had given them real teaching prior to this point.
  • Jesus connected them to God and to each other.
  • Jesus had equipped them and released them to do ministry.
  • Jesus shared truth that was new to them.
  • Jesus modeled discipleship to them as they were all together.

Excerpt from “Here are 6 things Jesus did to equip his disciples for ministry.”  by Jim Putnam.

Heartline’s Community Outreach Leader, Moise Medor invested in the team using similar principles. Together, the team worked through God’s Word and served the community. They grew in their spiritual maturity while loving our neighbors in Haiti. We believe local leaders, local laborers, and long-term investment in the community are the keys to creating sustainable change in Haiti. 

Meet the newest members of the team! 





Jeannes – a familiar face!

Jean Mary, Reginald, Joubert and Donalson

You might be wondering – hey, what happened to the previous group of guys? How are they doing? We’ve got you covered. As we rounded the corner of the new year, each member of the team moved onto the career of their choosing and we helped them along the way as they acclimated.


We’re so very thankful for their many years of ministry with Heartline and can’t wait to hear how they are impacting their communities and co-workers as they live out a life of ministry. 


Joubert, rarely seen without a guitar in hand, is now part of a construction team where he’s able to minister to his co-workers and serve as a leader within his community. 


Donalson, frequently seen leading the worship team, continues to serve as a musician in his local church and now runs a DJ/Sound business where he is able to provide professional audio services.


Reginald now operates his own business selling shoes full-time. He’s also very active in the music ministry at his local church.

Jean Mary

Finally, there’s Jean Mary. Jean Mary is serving as an Associate Pastor at his local church full-time. Of course, he’s still very active in music ministry as well! 

Moise and Jeannes will continue to serve in Heartline’s Community Outreach ministry mentoring this new group of young men mentioned above, preparing them for a lifetime of ministry in whatever role they decide to pursue. 

Heartline Bakery Bread

One of the tools of ministry we use for community outreach is bread from the Heartline Bakery. If you have ever tasted it, you know it’s a delicious, soft bread with a slight sweetness. It’s a crowd favorite.

Heartline Bakery bread has opened doors of prisons to preach the gospel. It’s fed the hungry during times of crisis and national disaster and it’s been a favorite for our friends over a Mephibosheth House for the past 5 years. We’re thankful for the opportunity to use it as a ministry tool each and every week! 

Your faithful prayers and support make this work possible. Thank you for investing in families with Heartline! 

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