Relentlessly Hopeful

When women and girls enter the Heartline Maternity Center doors, they find love, joy and celebration, compassionate relationships, empowering education, excellent maternal care, and respect. While the location of those doors may have changed a bit, after a week, we’re thrilled to share that those doors are once again – open. 

Your faithful prayers and support allowed us to be nimble in a time of disruption and chaos. This past week has been filled with risk, fear, and frustration, but as you can see from the team photo above, it’s also been filled with courageous, passionate determination. 

As we shared in the previous post (linked above), we were able to find a temporary location and the staff spent the past two days cleaning and preparing the space. On our first night (5/4), we had two midwives on shift, and clients showed up for blood pressure checks and meds. Midwife Youseline shared, “The presence of God is in this house the same way it was in our maternity center with us.” 

For now, we will work from this temporary location investing in mothers and their children because we believe birth is a human rights issue. We believe God’s dream for humanity includes the women and children of Haiti and the world. We’re so very grateful that you believe with us. 

We pray for peace and flourishing in Haiti and often times it feels so out of reach. Until we see it, we’re digging in our heels, and as our friend, Sarah says, “we are relentlessly hopeful.”  Thank you for being relentlessly hopeful with us. 

Consider supporting this work with a gift today. It’s your giving that allowed an entire maternity center and staff to up and relocate in one week as a result of unrest and violence in our normally peaceful community. You are with us, and the staff and clients feel your presence, your encouragement, and your solidarity as they love their neighbors and provide quality maternal healthcare with dignity.  

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