Heartline Impact Report 2021

We have much to be thankful for as we look back on the past year. While the level of instability and unrest in Haiti has only continued to increase, the team at Heartline has faithfully pressed forward. They believe in better days ahead and continue to embrace a spirit of hope. You have stood with them in your faithful generosity and together, we are continuing to see lives changed.

Each day, the Haitian people demonstrate perseverance, incredible strength, and unwavering faith in a brighter tomorrow. It’s in watching them that we are encouraged – even renewed. As you read through the pages of our 2021 Impact Report it’s our hope that you see yourself reflected in the accomplishments and forward progress.

While the challenges remain, some even becoming greater, the team remains faithfully steadfast to the mission – to invest in families. You are a critical part of that mission and together, we are focused on our pillars of maternal healthcare, economic empowerment, children’s education, and community outreach. We’re investing in our communities, and faithfully living out Jesus’ command to love one another. Thank you for your commitment to this work. As you can see from the impact report – you are making a difference every day in Haiti. 

Do you have questions, feedback, or maybe a note of encouragement to the team in Haiti? We’d love to hear from you. You can always reach us at connect@heartlineministries.org or feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks! 

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