A Place to Celebrate

Maybe it’s the 200-plus years of oppression and injustice. It might be the continued fight for safety, security, and a reasonable quality of life in a society that makes basic survival a battle each day. While it’s most likely a result of these influences, it’s also deeply embedded within their culture. Haitian communities know how to celebrate. It may be a grade promotion in school, the achievement of a goal or milestone, or mourning the passing of a cherished loved one. Haitians know that special events are extraordinary and celebrate them and each other with an energy and passion you don’t see everywhere. It’s one of the many characteristics of Haitian society that makes it so incredible to be able to participate in each day.

The Heartline family at the Employment and Education Campus (EEC) and the Maternity Center are no exception to this rule. A month doesn’t go by without a special event of some nature. At the Education Center, any opportunity to share the work of the sewing, cooking, craft, and cosmetology students becomes a full-on extravaganza! The main walkway to the Education Center transforms into a runaway as fantastic as those in New York, Milan, and Paris! At least, we think so! Tables are set, and meals are served as professors grade students’ work in areas including presentation, taste, and poise.

Heartline Savings Group members are no exception. This program started in 2017 to equip Heartline employees with financial skills and the ability to build savings for unexpected expenses is thriving. Each milestone and each graduation brings a reason to celebrate. Group members come together in solidarity recognizing the achievements of their co-workers and friends. A dedicated space like the planned auditorium will provide a welcome location for group members to do just that!

As these occasions became more frequent, we often found ourselves in a position to rent larger spaces, or if we hosted on our property, we’d rent tents and chairs for friends and family to ensure comfort and shade from the relentless Caribbean sun.

When it comes to a celebration in Haiti, it’s a family affair. Family members will come from far and wide to honor the achievements of those they love. The crowds continued to grow, and our ability to host became strained – whether financial or simply the limitations of our facility, we needed to take steps. At the same time, ensuring we use what we have in a way that fulfills our mission to invest in families.

The Heartline Auditorium

Could we build a facility that could be used in a multi-purpose capacity to host events and celebrations and ultimately be made available to our community as an income source for rentals? The answer was yes! In 2022, we decided to move forward with the groundbreaking of the Heartline Auditorium on the EEC campus. Thanks to generous Heartline donors and a few larger grants, we’re well on our way to opening the building before year-end. Staff and students are watching the building go up, block by block. We’re excited that local Haitian contractors are doing the work with products procured in Haiti. That’s important to us, and we believe that’s also important to you. We know the value of local labor and driving the local economy as we work together to invest in Haiti’s future.

Be sure to stay tuned and follow Heartline on your favorite social media platforms (@heartlinehaiti) to see our progress and, ultimately, celebrate the grand opening of the Heartline Auditorium!

Would you like to invest in Heartline Auditorium? Your gift in any amount will bring us one block closer to opening the doors to a facility dedicated to celebrating accomplishments and special occasions at the Heartline Education and Employment Campus! 

Have you ever attended a special event at the Heartline Campus? Education Center graduation, fashion show, summer camp, Savings Group graduation, or something completely different? We’d love to hear how you enjoyed it! Share your story in the comments below!

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