A Season of Darkness

From Cap-Haïten on the northern coast to the capital city of Port au Prince, Haiti cries out to the world. Since their president was assassinated last year, gang activity has spiked, filling the power vacuum with kidnappings, violence, hoarded resources, and ultimately, what the press have called “low-level civil war.” Many people on the ground report that Haiti is in its worst state in recent memory.


In recent weeks, an unprecedented fuel shortage has become the most pressing issue. A coalition of gangs has blocked Haiti’s main fuel terminal, and now even those with the largest reserves face the reality that stores will run out. Earlier this week, three of the busiest hospitals in Haiti announced that they would likely be forced to shut down. 


We immediately thought of the mothers and babies needing maternal and infant healthcare who just lost their chance to see medical professionals.


At Heartline, we rely on diesel fuel in one way or another at both our facilities. Fortunately, we’ve been proactive over the years, and both of our facilities benefit from sustainable solar energy.


As hospitals across Haiti close their doors, the Heartline Maternity Center holds steady for the mothers and babies we serve.


Faithful donors in the Heartline community have made that possible. You are bringing maternal healthcare to mothers, good jobs with benefits to our staff, and hope to Haiti in an unprecedented season of darkness. When you support Heartline, you walk alongside our Haitian staff, saying,

“I see you. I am with you in this time of need.”

You hold the hand of a young mother who faces an uncertain future but, at this moment, knows she is loved, safe, and will have the best care possible for her and her newborn. You send a message to the people of Haiti that they are not alone, not forgotten.


Yes, things are worse than ever. Thankfully, Heartline’s model of local leadership and sustainable energy has placed us in a position where, with your support, literally thousands are served and cared for each week, even when others are forced to shutter their operations. Join us in this work and tell the Haitian people they are not alone.

You may remember that we’re raising funds to bring solar power to our employees’ homes. Right now, that’s more important than it’s ever been. You can learn more and support that initiative here.

“Do not go gentle into that good night.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

– Dylan Thomas

Header image courtesy of New Branch Films


  • Suzanne says:

    The courage of these midwives is remarkable. Even more now that they can’t refer to hospitals. Praying for you.

    • Dave Kless says:

      Hi Suzanne – yes, agreed. They are an amazing group of compassionate professionals. We are certainly thankful for them. Thanks for your prayers. We appreciate you.

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