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This year, Christmas in Haiti will be a picture of contrasts. There will be church services and shared family meals, just like anywhere. But amidst an unprecedented fuel crisis, unending violence, and record-breaking inflation, they will be festive moments that punctuate tense days and dark nights. This Christmas, Haitian families face unthinkable scarcity.


Shop Haiti is back – and when you choose to shop with these organizations, you’re not only finding unique, handmade gifts – you’re investing in Haitian families.


Check out our 2022 Shop Haiti picks below!

Deux Mains


Deux Mains is an ethical and sustainable fashion brand working to fight injustice in the fashion industry. Their founder has even given a TEDx Talk! This year, we’re featuring a few favorites – products with Haitian craftsmanship and great functionality.

All Day Tote

All Day Tote by Deux Mains

The All Day Tote is the centerpiece of our Together Collection, and for good reason. With at least four ways to style this tote, you can play with the silhouette by expanding or contracting the size to achieve the right look. Two large handwoven panels release into a shoulder bag, which you can open out to fit over the arm or fold up into a handheld bag.

XL Trifold Wallet

XL Trifold Wallet by Deux Mains

The XL handwoven full grain leather wallet is both practical and elegant and has an extra interior pocket from our original wallet. In the spirit of longevity, it is fully lined with genuine leather. The design showcases the weave on the front flap adding a sophisticated aesthetic.


Ideal Crossbody

Ideal Crossbody by Deux Mains

Made in small batches from sustainable leathers, the Ideal Crossbody is meticulously woven, showcasing our love of artisanal wisdom. The handle is accentuated with a hand-wrapped leather for extra artful detail. This versatile beauty has an additional removable shoulder strap.

Petite Palm


Petite Palm is a socially conscious lifestyle brand nestled under the Caribbean sun in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Their one-of-a-kind goods craft an opportunity for women to thrive. When you purchase their products, you choose to stand tall with them in the fight for justice. 

From left to right: Macramé Keychain Wristlet, Macramé Room/Car Oil Diffuser, & Macramé Snowflake Ornaments.

Macramé Keychain Wristlet

Macramé Keychain Wristlets by Petite Palm

With all the Boho vibes and lightweight enough for you to carry around wherever you go, the Macramé Keychain Wristlets are both stylish and functional! Featuring a metal keyfob and 100% recycled cotton cording, they will help you organize your work, car or home keys.


Macramé Room/Car Oil Diffuser

Macramé Room/Car Oil Diffuser by Petite Palm


Featuring a raw wooden ring and bead, our gorgeous Macramé Oil Diffuser makes a statement wherever you decide to hang it. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and let the aroma fill your car or room. Happy oiling!


Macramé Snowflake Ornaments

Macramé Snowflake Ornaments by Petite Palm

Bring some holiday joy from Haiti to your home by adding our beautiful snowflake ornaments to your Christmas tree. They are handmade, to the last detail, using 100% recycled cotton cording. This macrame ornament can also be a thoughtful holiday gift.

Rosie’s Boutique


Rosie’s features and promotes 100% Haitian made products (and the companies and people behind them). Rosie’s is currently purchasing from 10+ Haitian businesses that have created cultures of empowerment, fair wages and equality.

From left to right: Christmas Variety 10-pack of Greeting Cards, All Joy & Peace Stitched Sign, & Nativity Burst Magnet Gift.

Greeting Cards

Christmas Variety 10-pack of Greeting Cards by Rosie's Boutique


Filled with all of our favorite Christmas designs, you’ll be set to send out greetings all season long with these hand-stitched cards!


All Joy & Peace Stitched Sign

All Joy & Peace Stitched Sign by Rosie's Boutique


The All Joy & Peace sign is full of color & detail, backed with banana paper and finished with two wooden slabs & jute for hanging || 13″ x 9″



Nativity Burst Magnet Gift

Nativity Burst Magnet Gift by Rosie's Boutique

Featuring a hand stitched nativity scene with a burst of gold metallic string over a simple ivory manger; card is backed with handmade banana paper with a magnet.

Envelope included, making this an easy gift to send over the holidays.


Papillon Marketplace


In French, “Papillon” means “butterfly” – a symbol of endurance, change, hope, and life. Papillon works to provide training and sustainable jobs for Haitian parents in need, highlighting their creativity along the way.

Shelley and the team focus on fair and equitable wages, training and development, and a creative, friendly work environment!

From left to right: Theatrical Nativity, Be The Change Cord Necklace, & Mugs

Theatrical Nativity

Theatrical Nativity by Papillon Marketplace


Each steel drum piece is hand hammered and chiseled into an amazing work of art. Metal art nativities are proven to be a best-seller year after year!



Be the Change Cord Necklace

Be The Change Cord Necklace by Papillon Marketplace


The inspirational messages are engraved by hand onto Haitian Gourde coins. The necklace is made from quality faux leather and features one of Papillon’s beautiful ceramic beads.


Mugs by Papillon Marketplace


Whether you start your day with a strong cup of coffee or end your day with calming herbal tea, Papillon’s handmade mugs hold more than 16oz of your favorite hot beverages.


2nd Story Goods


2nd Story Goods believes you deserve to feel good about the stuff you buy. They’ve been working on the ground with artisans in Gonaives, Haiti for 10 years, who are creating recycled, handcrafted goods while earning a livable wage.

From left to right: Giving Angel, Large Raw Leather Tote, & Standing Metal Trees.

Giving Angel

Giving Angel by 2nd Story Goods


These Giving Angels combine the beauty of our handmade, upcycled ceramic Angels coupled with the gorgeous, botanically-dyed handmade paper. So let this angel of hope be an encouraging gift for you and your family!


Large Raw Leather Tote

Large Raw Leather Tote by 2nd Story Goods

Meet our customers’ all-time favorite product! The Large Raw Leather Tote works perfectly for work, school, or as a mom bag. All of our leather- whether it is from the Noble Goat (one of the primary sources of protein in Haiti) sheep, or cow- is sourced in-country as a by-product of food.


Standing Metal Trees

Standing Metal Trees by 2nd Story Goods


We love these recycled metal trees! Let them stand alone or grab one of each for the complete look! 







Through upcycling of old, discarded material resources, PeaceCYCLE creates entirely unique and beautiful products out of items once seen as holding little value. They hope to instill in each employee that same understanding within themselves.


Sadly, displacement, gang activity and overall unrest have meant that PeaceCYCLE has no North American stock for domestic shipments. In the meantime, they’re offering gift cards (with no expiration date) that can be used for purchases as soon as products become available again.


This year, make an impact and consider these trusted friends of Heartline in your holiday gift-giving!

That’s our list of favorites! What are yours? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments below.

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