Heartline’s 2022 Year in Review


2022 was a challenging year for the people of Haiti. In many ways, it was the continuation of a run of tough years, each somehow managing to be worse than the year before.


In 2022 we saw the rise of gang rule throughout our home of Port au Prince. Friends and neighbors were kidnapped and subjected to violence and cruelty. We watched as other organizations folded – and Haiti, once known as the “nation of NGOs” (non-government organizations) – was left with very few organizations providing aid or assistance. Whether due to security risks, reliance on foreign staff, or simply an inability to operate amid constant gang intimidation and local conflict in their communities, so many organizations have left Haiti.


Heartline was able to operate amid this instability, and we have much to be thankful for as we reflect on 2022.
Yes, there were days we were forced to close our doors at the Education and Employment Campus and at our offices – we made sure staff and student safety was the utmost priority.


Yes, we even relocated the entire Heartline Maternity Center for a short period over the summer! Thankfully, we never truly closed our doors at the MC – and we were actually able to deliver almost as many babies as we did the previous year! Just shy by 2! 


We look to 2023 with hope. We hold onto our faith, and yet we mourn the state of Haiti and the tremendous suffering we see each and every day. We’re committed to doubling down – to anchor to our mission of investing in families, and we recognize that none of it is possible without God’s amazing grace and you, the Heartline family around the world.


Thank you for joining with us. Together, let’s celebrate these fantastic accomplishments achieved in 2022.

These numbers mean that on average, 68 Haitian women are in prenatal and postpartum care at any given time!

Once again, The Starting Place marks a successful year using the Maternity Center model here in the United States. You can learn more about this initiative here.

When added to the Maternity Center staff – that’s 70 Haitian men and women employed by Heartline in Haiti! We continue to share space at the Heartline Education and Employment Campus with Petite Palm, a socially conscious lifestyle brand focused on job creation and family preservation.

This year, we welcomed a brand-new group of young men to the team and began their mentoring and development as leaders in their homes and communities.

Our burgeoning scholarship program is very exciting, allowing students to advance beyond secondary school to university, trade education, or another career path. We’ve even begun interviewing the next group of scholarship applicants!

On top of all that, we are celebrating a few more accomplishments!

In the fall, we welcomed Aljany Narcius to our team as a contract journalist. Aljany has contributed greatly to Heartline through her writing and photography. She is located in Port-au-Prince and provides a uniquely Haitian perspective and voice to her work. You’ll be able to see her latest contribution in the next few days as we share the story of Soup Joumou on the Heartline blog! You can also check out her first and second stories about the Maternity Center.

We also broke ground and made great progress on the Heartline Auditorium this past year. We’re excited to be able to have a dedicated space for fashion shows, community events, graduations and more! We anticipate opening the auditorium in mid-2023.

Finally, over the summer we said goodbye to Heartline Clinic Administrator Elose as she and her family relocated to the States to continue her education. Thankfully we have such a strong pool of talent within our team, and we welcomed Fredelyne to the role of Clinic Administrator – you can read her story here.

Thank you for investing in families with Heartline in 2022. Your generosity made a tremendous impact during one of the most challenging times Haiti has seen in decades. Please – consider a year-end gift today as we head into 2023.

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