A Fabulous Human Adventure: Youseline’s Story, Part Two


Have you read Part One of “A Fabulous Human Adventure?” If not, be sure to check it out here.

We’re excited to share this year’s Mother’s Day story from a new perspective! Our author this year is local Port-au-Prince journalist Aljany Narcius. You’ll be familiar with her writing if you’re a member of Fanmi Ansanm or if you’ve read some of her blogs with us before.


Youseline’s perspective
During her three years at Heartline, Youseline has walked alongside dozens of mothers in the birth of their children. As a Haitian woman and mother herself, who personally and viscerally understands the difficulties of childbirth in her country, she has a natural ability to connect with her patients.


Youseline is one of many young professionals who are forced to live away from their families because of their work. Youseline works in Port-au-Prince while her husband works in rural Hinche. They only meet on weekends. The two make this sacrifice not only because growing unemployment in Haiti makes difficult arrangements necessary, but also because of Youseline’s love for her work and belief in its importance.


When asked how she felt about working as a midwife, Youseline said, “It’s amazing to me to realize that in this kind of work, when you have a purpose, you can find a sort of family, people to share moments of sadness and joy with. One of the hardest moments of my life was caring for a woman who lost her child at 33 weeks. I regret so much that she lost her baby and that I couldn’t help her. But I feel like I’m in the right place.”

Youseline with her colleagues at the Maternity Center.

“Caring for women is important because by improving their sexual and reproductive health,
we are changing and saving lives.”

– Youseline


Since her own birthing experience, Youseline has treasured every moment she spends at Heartline with her colleagues, especially with her patients.


“I feel fortunate to witness the strength of women in reclaiming the power of their bodies and their births, which paradoxically requires the acceptance of one’s vulnerability. It is a fabulous human adventure to do this job in these ideal conditions, with time and availability and the opportunity to know and understand the experiences of each pregnant woman we follow.”


We hope Youseline’s strength, persistence, and incredible love for her colleagues and her patients is as wonderful for you as it is for us. You can directly support Youseline and her work at the Maternity Center by giving to Heartline today.

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About the Author


Aljany Narcius

Haitian journalist Aljany Narcius is currently pursuing a Master 2 in Media Management, online from France’s University of Lille. With ten years of experience in the fields of journalism and communication, Aljany is a linguist who uses the Creole language as her weapon in the fight against social inequalities, exploitation, and all kinds of violence.

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