Heartline’s 2022 Impact Report

Impact Report

2022 was a challenging year for the people of Haiti. In many ways, it was the continuation of a run of tough years, each somehow managing to be worse than the year before.


In 2022 we saw the rise of gang rule throughout our home of Port-au-Prince. Friends and neighbors were kidnapped and subjected to violence and cruelty. We watched as other organizations folded – and Haiti, once known as the “nation of NGOs” (non-government organizations) – was left with very few organizations providing aid or assistance. 


Heartline stands firm. We are not going anywhere. We’ll protect what we’ve built here: our campuses and facilities, the culture of hope we’ve established, and most importantly – our people. 


As you read through our 2022 Impact Report, we hope you see your heart, your commitment, and your investment reflected in each of the amazing accomplishments highlighted. As we continue into 2023, don’t look away. Hope is alive in Haiti, and this too shall pass. We’ll still be here when a better day comes, and we hope and pray you’ll be here with us.

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