Run For Life Haiti

In January 2013, Barry McDonald ran across the nation of Haiti. A distance of 315 miles covered in 12 days of running. The event is called Run for Life – Haiti.

Imagine running twelve marathons in a row. Imagine running in the third world. Running for no prize, no award, no fame, no earthly reason to run so hard except one. A painfully simple reason. Running is the best way Barry McDonald – a 35 year-old Australian – can help the tens of thousands of women in Haiti in need of better quality healthcare. Help women who bear children on dirt floors, in fields, and in dingy dark rooms.

He ran, as a fundraiser, to build a maternity and education facility at Heartline Haiti’s compound. Heartline is a 501c3 organization with a 23 plus year record of accountibility, adoptions, emergency aid and education. Please check out more¬†about Heartline on this site to see some of the dramatic results of their decades of work.