You invest in HEALTHY, THRIVING Haitian families. Your generosity supports compassionate relationships and impactful programs, equipping and empowering Haitian families to thrive TOGETHER. You deliver JOY. You pursue HOPE. You show LOVE and COMPASSION.... read more

by Tara Livesay – Certified Professional Midwife, Director – Heartline Maternity Center Let’s look back on 2018 at the Heartline Maternity Center. The tendency in doing any work is to look at the outcomes from a purely statistical approach. ... read more

You made a lasting impact by investing in Haitian families in 2018! This year, you empowered individuals across each of our programs through maternal care, compassionate relationships, education, and economic opportunity. Thanks to you, Heartline continue... read more

You can make a lasting difference in the lives of Haitian families! Haiti is a place where contradictions collide – breathtaking beauty, remarkable strength, heartbreaking injustice, and staggering poverty all co-exist here. Many Haitians lack acces... read more

Written by: Tara Livesay, Director – Heartline Maternity Center, Certified Professional Midwife It is said that hopelessness is the enemy of justice. It is also often said, mainly by women we work with at the Maternity Center, “Haiti has no ju... read more

Written by: Beth “KJ” Johnson, Certified Professional Midwife – Heartline Maternity Center There’s something in the birth world we call, “the pause.” It’s the moment immediately after a baby’s birth when a mother needs to c... read more

Written by: Dan Ravenhorst, Accounting and Finance Manager – Heartline Ministries Running a business in Haiti is extremely difficult due to the many unknown challenges that arise each day. But the crew at the Heartline Beltis Bakery knows how to pus... read more