Driving moms and their babies home is usually Tara’s job.  She loves it.  Since she is away for a couple of months, I’ve taken over a few of her jobs.  Paperwork, yes, it is a mess.  Try as I might, I’m not good at documents, files, due date... read more

Are you wondering what happened to Haitian Creations? Back in December we announced that Haitian Creations was transforming itself into a new business venture that would allow for growth beyond the restrictions imposed by non-profit regulations. We now ha... read more

In January 2013, Barry McDonald ran across the nation of Haiti. A distance of 315 miles covered in 12 days of running. The event is called Run for Life – Haiti. Imagine running twelve marathons in a row. Imagine running in the third world. Running f... read more

Three of the guys in the bakery/discipleship program made decisions to follow Christ with their lives (Richemond, Wilson, and Manno). As a result, they wanted to get baptized. Moise and I started looking around to find a place where we could do a baptism.... read more

Someone from a nearby orphanage came by our bakery last week giving us a paper asking if we could please give them some free bread for their Christmas meal with the kids. That sounded like a worthwihle cause, so on Christmas Eve I purchased six platters o... read more