Heartline’s Children’s Programs make a difference in the lives of children by empowering them through education. These young people are the future of Haiti. A quality education will equip them to reach their God-given potential and become leaders in their families, communities, and country.

 Student Sponsorship

Marvens Saintime

Heartline Ministries partners with neighborhood schools just outside of Cite Soleil and in the community of Corail to provide children from these areas with the opportunity to learn. The cost of education in Haiti is high. Too often, parents are forced to choose between providing basic necessities for their family and sending their children to school.

A monthly sponsorship donation provides students with a quality education, uniform, school supplies, and nutritious meals.  Through these partnerships, Heartline also has the opportunity to share the gospel with students and their families at many events throughout the year.


Teen Summer Camp

Summer in any country is a time when school lets out and kids start to feel bored. In Haiti, boredom can easily lead to crime, decreased safety and security (especially for girls), and the loss of learning and skills achieved throughout the year.

Our Summer Camp provides dozens of teen girls with a safe place to continue their education, find fellowship and community with others their age, learn about what a relationship with Christ can do for their lives, and worship a God who continues to be near to them.

The camp is divided into three speciality classes. Each girl will stay in their assigned class for the whole camp. The classes are sewing, cooking, and craft making. In addition to learning these specific life skills, each day will include worship, prayer, a Bible class, sports/dance, and music lessons.

Last year, we had generous donors sponsor the camp or provide much needed supplies. It was an answer to prayer. Therefore, we continue to seek financial support and resources for these girls. The cost to run the summer camp is $200/teen.


Summer Camp 2014