Fanmi Ansanm

Fanmi Ansanm, Haitian Creole for `Family Together` is made up of a generous, faithful group of Heartline donors who give monthly to pour into the work of Heartline as together, we invest in families through Heartline programs.

We know that investing in families can take the form of a healthy pregnancy, labor, and delivery all the way through child and adult education including how we invest in the 'least of these' within our community. This includes the elderly, those who face physical and mental challenges, and the prisoner. You are a part of this!

The best place to raise a child is in a family. At Heartline, we believe the key to change is healthy, thriving families which is why our mission is investing in families.

Being a part of Fanmi Ansanm (Family Together), means investing in Heartline’s work with a monthly gift in any amount. By doing so, you are supporting Heartline’s work in maternal healthcare, economic empowerment. children’s education and community outreach.

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