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Prayer is the foundation of our work as we acknowledge our complete dependency on God. You are invited to join others across the world in praying for children and families in Haiti and Heartline’s work in the community. We treasure your prayers as we work to strengthen families and empower them to rise out of extreme poverty.

When you join the Heartline Prayer Team, you will receive a monthly email that includes an update on our work and prayer requests. Thank you for praying with and for us! For questions, please contact prayer@heartlineministries.org.


Did you know that fundraising platforms take a portion of what you raise for themselves? Reach out to us directly and we’ll set up a dedicated fundraiser for you to promote Heartline and get your friends and family involved! Email connect@heartlineministries.org for more information!


We invite you to join us as we invest in families. Give one time or join Fanmi Ansanm, Family Together and invest in families with a monthly gift impacting families every day through your generosity funding Heartline’s programs.

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