Empowering women with lifesaving and compassionate maternal care, education, and support.

Giving birth in Haiti is extremely dangerous for most women and girls. Haiti tragically has the highest rates of maternal and infant mortality in the Western Hemisphere.

At Heartline, we believe birth is a human rights issue.

The Heartline Maternity Center combats the dismal maternal health reality in Haiti through excellent medical care, health education, nutrition, and compassionate support that effectively reduces the high incidence of maternal and infant mortality and prevents children from becoming orphans.

The Heartline Maternity Center provides expectant mothers in Haiti with a full prenatal program, labor and delivery services with certified midwives and nurses, and a six month postpartum program of weekly medical care, child development education, and breastfeeding support.

Medical clinics open to the wider community are also held each week to provide pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and free birth control to promote healthy timing and spacing of pregnancy as a proven strategy to reduce maternal mortality and improve child survival.

When women and girls enter the Heartline Maternity Center doors, they find love, joy and celebration, compassionate relationships, empowering education, excellent maternal care, and respect.

Prenatal Program

Expectant women and girls attend weekly prenatal programs throughout pregnancy. In addition to regular medical check ups, these programs include educational classes, vitamin and iron distribution, nutritious, high protein meals, and the opportunity to develop supportive relationships with other pregnant women and girls. This weekly care model integrating medical care, education, nutrition, and emotional/spiritual support is what makes the Heartline Maternity Center model both distinctive and effective.

Child Development and Health Education

Education is central to everything we do at the Heartline Maternity Center. Midwives and nurses teach classes to prenatal and postpartum women each week covering a wide range of topics from preparing for labor and delivery to infant care and attachment, breastfeeding, healthy relationships, and other critical topics.

Medical Screening

Heartline Maternity Center staff screen for high-risk conditions and run medical labs in accordance with North American protocols. As a result of the frequency of patient care, staff are able to identify and treat the conditions that most frequently lead to poor maternal and infant health outcomes in Haiti – malnutrition, pre-eclampsia, hypertension, malaria, sexually transmitted diseases, and other infectious diseases.

Personal and Compassionate Care

The Heartline Maternity Center model is based in quality care, love, respect, and trusting relationships. Staff are committed to personally knowing women and their stories, which frequently include extreme material poverty, sexual abuse, and disease.

Postpartum Medical Care and Support

The first days, weeks, and months after birth are a vulnerable time for new mothers and infants. The Heartline Maternity Center provides weekly postpartum programs to support new mothers in breastfeeding and provide critical medical care and education until their babies are six months old. Weekly postpartum programs include well-baby check-ups, child development classes that teach practical parenting skills, nutritious meals, breastfeeding support, and community building with other new mothers.

Free Birth Control

The Heartline Maternity Center provides free birth control to nearly 2,000 women each year. Access to birth control promotes healthy child spacing, empowering women to prevent pregnancy-related health risks that arise when pregnancies are closely spaced. It also prevents children from becoming orphans due to maternal mortality, especially for older women who have had many pregnancies and face higher risks.

We desire to holistically minister to the women and children in our program by giving the gift of knowledge and medical care while incorporating the gospel and God’s love into all of our interactions with the ladies.

Maternity Center Recent News:

We recently interviewed a 37 year old woman at the Heartline Maternity Center. She was pregnant and hoping to receive care through our prenatal program. When a woman comes to us for care, we first set aside time to sit with her and listen to her individual story. This helps us learn more about the woman’s unique needs, whether she is a good fit for our program, and begins to establish trust.

Heartline Maternity Center Theology of Care At the core of the Heartline Maternity Center is our unshakeable belief that every woman and every baby is created in the image of God. We believe their lives have unsurpassable worth and value. We believe every. . .

If you’ve been following this courageous mama’s story (you can read more here and here), you’ll understand why we’re overjoyed to have Lovely and her baby girl back at the Heartline Maternity Center for some TLC! After spending more than two weeks in the hospital, Lovely and baby Chrislove were discharged on Sunday, July 22. The Maternity Center staff was there with the ambulance to greet mom and baby, and bring them back to the MC’s postpartum wing for some much-needed care and rest.

As many mamas know, we can plan, organize, and prepare for a baby’s arrival – but little ones have a way of making up their own minds about when it’s time to enter the world! You may remember Vitani’s story from earlier in May (click here to read more). At the age of 42, Vitani was at an increased risk for complications with her pregnancy. After years of waiting and experiencing the painful loss of a miscarriage, she wondered if she would ever hold a newborn baby in her arms again. Last fall, Vitani’s wide grin lit up the room when she learned she was eight weeks pregnant. Your support provided Vitani with skilled prenatal care that helped her to have a healthy pregnancy and carry her baby to full term.

On this International Women’s Day, I celebrate the women of Haiti and the brave way they press on in spite of loss, systematic inequalities, and cultural challenges. Today, I especially want to honor Islande and Stephanie – two women who have risen out of incredible loss and challenge. Two women who show up everyday to love, empower, and fight for their sisters in Haiti. I have the honor of working with Islande and Stephanie at the Heartline Maternity Center. Both of these women lost their mothers during childhood and were raised by someone other than their father. Against insurmountable odds, they finished primary and secondary school, and continued on to become nurses before they turned 25 years old.

At the core of the Heartline Maternity Center is our unshakeable belief that every woman and every baby is created in the image of God. We believe their lives have unsurpassable worth and value. We believe every woman and child are deeply beloved. We believe that each of them deserve our respect as well as our care.